Chapter 11

The guys were doing their sound check as Kay hooked up some electrical wiring. She kept thinking about the dream she had 2 weeks ago and again last night. ‘The people in the dream didn’t resemble anyone physically that I know. I know my dreams are the creation of my own manifestation. But what the hell has been on my mind. I haven’t had anything except…oh…oh…damn it! I can’t do that…it’s impossible…I’m…'
“What the hell are you doing?!  You’re mixing up the wires!” said the stage technician.
“What?  I’m sorry.  My mind’s been on something else.  I’ll fix it right now.  Damn it, Nick!  Don’t scare me like that,” she said when she saw his blond figure jump over her.
“What are you doing?”
“Rewiring some of the wires, I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing a few moments earlier.”
“Why not?  When we hired you, we didn’t want you slack off on the job.”
“I had my mind on something.”
“Wanna talk about it?”
“I would, but I don’t even know how to explain it.”
With a hint of a smile, he asked, “It wouldn’t have to do with AJ, would it?”
“Uh…no…yes…I don’t know.”
“Okay, girlie.  We’re going to go somewhere and talk.”
“But your sound check!  My wiring!” she whined as Nick pulled her out one of the nearby doors.
From the stage, Brian and AJ saw Nick pulling her outside.  “Looks like our little Nicky is after someone,” Brian said.
“He touch her, and he dies,” AJ said.
“My, aren’t we possessive all of the sudden?  What’s been up with you lately, man?”
“Just a few dreams about the past, or I hope it was the past.”
“Need to talk about it?”
“You would think I’m crazy.”
“Sorry, there’s only enough room for two crazy people on this boat.  And those positions have been filled,” he said as he gestured toward Howie and Kevin, who were having a soda chugging contest.
“Well, there’s this thing about Kay.  I don’t know.  There’s things that we both say and do that remind me of something in the past.  Not like in this lifetime, but in a past one.  Freaky, huh?”
“Not really.  It’s like deja vu.”
“Not exactly because I don’t look like the person saying or doing the thing.  Like in a dream, I was like this King Alistair or something like that.  Do I look like a heavily muscled blond man?”
“Man, you’re just skin and bones.”
“Exactly, also it looked like I was watching the events going on.  Like a movie or something.  But everything felt so real.”  ‘Really real,’ he thought as he remembered some of more intimate moments.
“I know what you’re thinking about, so wipe that look off your face.”

“So what’s been on your mind, Kay?” Nick asked after they both plopped down onto a curb.

“These dreams I keep on having that could possibly be linked to someone here.”

“Who do you think they’re are linked to?”

“It’s either you or AJ.”

“Why me?”

“Well, Beth’s lover was a tall blond man with a lot of muscles.”

“Okay, who’s Beth?”

“One of his servants.  You see, her lover was King Alistair.”

“That sounds a lot like Alexander.”

“I know, that’s why I thought it was AJ.”

“Remember that night you came over so unexpectedly a few weeks back?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Well, AJ and I kind of got into this whole role playing thing…”

“He was the king and you were his servant.”

“For a blond, you aren’t all that dumb.”

“I have my moments.”

“So anyway, we were saying things to each other as if we had done it before.  I knew that couldn’t be true because I’ve never said things like that before.  I know I was in his arms and was about to get a kiss, when you came barging in through the door.”

“What are going to do about this?”

“I honestly don’t know because…I don’t know…I can’t do anything about it because I’m too damn young for him.  Even if I was old enough, he wouldn’t want me.”

“Oh come on.  Age ain’t nothing but a number.  Plus it seems that he growls when you’re around the stage crew.”

“Age is something.  Remember the law.  I’m not legal, so therefore I won’t be worth his time. Not to mention, I’m not allowed to like anyway of the opposite sex until I’m 18.”

“Who the hell said that?  This is America, the land of the free. You should be able to do anything you want.”

“Not according to my parents.  I’ve had one boyfriend around their back.  He was just he sweetest thing.  James was funny, cute, sexy, smart, considerate to a fault, etc.  Why the hell did I let him go?”

“He said he was confused about love.”

“That is the dumbest reason, I’ve ever heard.”

“Well it’s true.  He had some family problems relating to that matter.”

“Okay, so back to the issue at hand.  So what if the dreams linked you to AJ?”

“I don’t think I want it to because Beth died burning to death and Alistair was hallucinating in the end.” 

“What if they linked them to me?”

“Burn baby burn.”

“I’m really feeling the love,” he said with a laugh.

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