Chapter 5

“Look at this place,” she said with wonder as she walked into a really big office.

“Just take a seat somewhere, I’ll go get them,” AJ said and walked out of the room.

Kay walked around the office to the curtains and pulled them away.  “Oh my gosh.”

“It’s beautiful, ain’t it?” said an unfamiliar voice.

Kay turned around and found 4 guys sizing her up.  After a few seconds, “Yes, it is.  You don’t see this kind of view in San Francisco a lot.  The water so blue.”  She walked to them and shook hands.  “I’m Wing Kay Li.  You can call me Kay or Kay Kay.”

AJ introduced the others and they all sat down in their chairs.  “So tell us about yourself,” said Kevin.

“I’m the oldest daughter in my family.  I have only one other sister, who’s 14.  My mother and father emigrated here from China in ’83.  I’m 17 and I’m a Junior at Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School.  Trust me, there’s nothing academic about that school.  It’s full of people smoking weed and those who don’t really care what happens in their lives as long as they are popular.  I’m at the top 5% of my class, and like I said, it doesn’t really mean much because there isn’t much competition.”

“What do you like to do in your spare time?  There’s going to be a lot of spare time while we’re traveling from city to city,” Brian said.

“Well, I read a lot so that takes a lot of my spare time.  I usually get one of those really big books around 400 or so pages and finish it in like 4-5 hours.  I also listen to music.  If I get bored with those things, I write.”

“What kind of things do you write?” Nick asked.

“Usually stories or journal entries.”

“Do you play sports?  We need to even up the teams sometimes.  3 to 2 isn’t always that great of game,” Howie said.

“Sure, I do.  I was on the track and field.  I was the field portion.  Discus and shotput events were my specialty.  Then there was volleyball and tennis.  I could play basketball also.  Basically every single sport, except anything that has to do with swimming.  I can’t swim.”

“Fair enough,” Kevin said.

“You said 3 against 2, at first didn’t you?  There was only 4 of you who walked into the room, besides AJ.  Where’s the other guy?  He couldn’t make it?”

There was a stunned silence.  “You don’t know who we are?” Nick asked with disbelief.

“Well, I know your names and that you’re in the music industry because you’re in need of a stagehand.”

“AJ, I thought you told her,” Howie said.

“I thought she knew,” he retorted.

“Okay, this is weird.  So I guess, you’re also my employer AJ.”

“Yeah.  You really don’t know who we are?”

“I might.  You just might need to refresh my memory.”

“I want it that way, Tell me why, Ain’t nothing but a heartache, Ain’t nothing bus a mistake.”

“Oh, now I remember.  You’re the ummm…the whatchamacallit…Backstreet Guys.”

“Close enough.  We’re the Backstreet Boys.”

“You aren’t going to expect to say, ‘Like oh my gosh.  It’s like the Backstreet Boys.  They’re like so fine and like yeah,’ are you?”

The guys laughed at her ditzy imitation.  “You would scare me if you did that,” Nick said.

“I think we’re all going to agree on this.  Welcome to the family,” Kevin said.

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