Chapter 7

A few nights into the tour, everyone started to wonder what had happened between AJ and Kay because they were always jumpy when they were around each other. If they ever saw each other, they would turn around and head back to where they came from. After one concert, Kay and AJ were sleeping in their own separate buses. Kay tossed and turned as AJ started to have a dream.

King Alistar was sitting in his library trying to think of something amusing to do.  Being a king in the most peaceful time was pretty boring.  He had nearly traveled all over Gaul (or France) the year before and went hunting yesterday.  His writers couldn’t supply him with ample reading material and he had already dallied with nearly every single female within his castle.

Just then, he heard a cry in the courtyard.  He looked out the window to see what was the source of the cry.  A young girl had apparently ran in front of horse, causing it to rear on his hind legs.  The rider of the horse hadn’t expected that to happen, so he fell off and landed in a big pile of dog shit.  Alistar tried to control his laughter, but couldn’t quite manage.

The rider got up and assessed his situation.  Then angrily grabbed the girl by the arm and pulled her roughly to him.  Then proceeded to use his horsewhip to beat her.  This time, he stopped laughing as he watched one of his nobleman hit a person, who hadn’t done anything that was truly wrong.  He watched her fall to the ground on her knees in defeat.  The nobleman let go of her arm and tossed his head back to laugh.  After hitting her a few more times, he left her lying on her side all curled up into a ball.  Alistar quickly summoned one of his many servants to go get the girl and give her medical attention.

Everyday he would send a servant, Higgens,  to see to her and come back to give him a summary of how she was doing.  His servants started to wonder who the girl was to have caught the attention of their king.  Some said that she was a princess underneath the rags and others said that she was a witch who had come to kill the king. 
One day nearly 3 months later, Alistar was sitting in his room listening to his daily report on the girl.  Higgens reported that she was all well and was able to do all her chores again.  Hearing this, he quickly summoned the girl and dismissed the servant.

There was a polite knock at his door.  “Come in.”  A door widened just enough so she could squeeze her dainty figure through the opening.  “Close the door, and come closer.”  She walked toward him with her head respectfully lowered.  

When she reached him, she curtsied and said in a soft voice, “Your highness.”

“What is your name?”

“Beth, your highness.”

“Why is it that I’ve never seen you before?  I would have certainly remembered you.”

Blushing she answered, “My family had just moved here not 4 months pass, your highness.  I believe you were on a hunting trip at the time.”

“How old are you?”

“Six and ten, your highness.”

“Come closer, I wish to have a better look at you.”

She started to feel a bit uneasy, but still did as she was told.  After all, he still was her overlord.
“Kneel before me.  Close your eyes.”  He studied her facial features and what intrigued him the most were her lips, for they were slightly parted in the most delightful manner.  He leaned forward in the as he used one of his fingers to tilt her head up towards him and lowered his lips toward her.  

When their lips met, she opened her eyes and pulled back.  He watched her put her fingers up to her lips and touch them.  Her eyes wide open looking at into his chocolate colored eyes.  Her eyes contained a frightened look with a hint of curiosity.

“Come back here.  I didn’t tell you to move away.”  She came back a little closer.  “Close your eyes, wench.”  He moved closer to her.  When he was close enough, he pulled her up against him and wrapped his arms around her.  Without looking at her, he quickly lowered his lips to hers again.  She started to struggle, but he held on tight and used his mastery in kissing to subdue her.
Within moments, she was pliant in his arms and her own arms wrapped around his neck.  He lifted his head to look at her.  With her hair pleasantly mussed up, her lips dewy from his kisses, and her eyes wide open with wonder and a hint of desire, he gently let her down.  He steadied her when he felt her legs give out.  When he felt she had a hold of herself, he said, “You will come to me tonight.”

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