Chapter 21

“How dare you step one foot into this house, young man?” Elizabeth’s mother demanded.

“I dare because I love her!  I will always love her until the day I die.  I just wish to see her one last time before I will see her again,” he said quietly.

“I forbid you to do so.  You were the cause of her death, you bastard.  You’ve caused this family a great deal of distress already, so just go.”

“No, madam.  YOU caused her death!  You put some voodoo curse on me.  Don’t even try that innocent look on me or that indignant one.  I know when voodoo is cast upon me.”

Knowing that she could not lie to this man about what she did, she said, “Yes I did.  I did it so I could get her away from you.  You don’t belong with our kind.”

“And what kind would that be, my dear?” boomed a loud angry male voice.

Elizabeth’s mother spun around only to see her husband.  “It’s not what you think.”

“I’m pretty sure it is what I think.  You thought that the only way to get her out of his arms was to use voodoo.  Martha, you know how much I’ve always hated voodoo because you have be very specific in what you want it to do.  I want you out of my house, Martha.”

“But, darling…”

“But nothing…you caused my darling Elizabeth’s death and his love to die.  I want you out now.”

They both watched the crying woman gracefully walk out of the room and stomp up to her own, silently.  “What are you going to do now, son?”

“Sir, I don’t know.  I was kind of hoping to settle down with your daughter.  But I guess I’ll be at sea again.”

“I’ve heard of your reputation as seaman and as a businessman.  If it is any consolation, despite what that bitch just said,” Blade’s widen just a bit when he heard this gentleman said that word, “I would have been behind you two the whole way.”

“Thank you sir.  I best be on my way, now.”

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