Chapter 41

“No. No. No,” AJ moaned as he thrashed his head from side to side on the couch of their private jet.

Howie asked Brian, “Should we wake him up?”

“I think we should let him sleep it off.  It’s just a nightmare.”

The first thing he felt was the heat.  Beads of sweat instantly appeared all over his body.  He was standing at the edge of a cliff, looking down.  What lay before him shocked him to the core.  A big naked red man was raping what seem like a real human being.

“Get the fuck off of me.  This is like the 20th time in an hour.  What are you?  A minute man?”

That was what struck him the most.  The monster was grunting and raping her, but she continued to insult him.  “Is this how you plan to break me?”

Just then something in his mind clicked.  He started trying to climb down the cliff.  Then a little faster when he heard her scream in pain as the beast bit her delicate tips much too roughly.  Once he got to the base without being detected, he quickly looked around for a weapon to use.  Seeing nothing but rocks, he grabbed one and threw it as hard as he could, hoping he wouldn’t miss.

The rapist howled in pain as a sharp edge of the rock scraped his bare buttocks.  Angrily, he instantly turned around, ready to punish the individual who dared to strike him.  Seeing that it was the soul of the person who stole his love away from him, the Guardian smiled and slowly stalked toward him.

Brian, Howie, and Kevin watched AJ start to fight something in his dreams.  “I think we should wake him up now.  He’s going to hurt himself.”

“Don’t.”  The three men turn toward the voice.  Their eyes widen and the guys looked at each other, then back what was standing in front of them.  Each of them saw an image of themselves.  “Don’t touch him.  He’s all she’s got,” said the Kevin look-alike.
“Who are you?” Kevin asked, still bewildered at what was going on.

“We’re Guardians.  That’s Dwaine and Thomas, and I’m Scott.  Listen, don’t try to wake him up no matter how he screams.  If you do, his soul would forevermore belong to Lucifer.”

“Why?” Howie asked.

“He’s in Hell.  He hasn’t done anything, but he’s there trying to help one of your mutual friends.”

“Can we call on you if things get really hairy?” Brian asked.

“Don’t worry about that.  We’ll know what to do,” said Thomas and just as sudden as they appeared, they vanished.

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