Chapter 22

“I was just about to call you,” Kay said into the cell AJ recently got her. He had apparently gotten tired of just talking online and wanted to talk one the phone instead. Boy, he had a hell of a time convincing her to take the stupid thing. “Someone is out to get us.”

“I know.  The first time there was some English dude who killed you and now your mother kills you indirectly.  Has there been anything strange going on?”

“I didn’t think it was going to be anything big, but people has been bothering me about dating you.  You know, the typical jealous girls and popular guys making passes at me because they figured I had to be good in the bed to be with you.”

“Okay, give me the name of those guys.”

“Damn Alex.  Have some faith in me.  I’m not going to go behind your back and go screw some stupid immature quarterback while I can have a real man.”

“And who might this real man be?”

“You silly,” she giggled, but got serious as she continued.  “Nothing serious has happened yet., i.e. death threats, but I’ve gotten the ‘Bitch, stay away from my man,’” she said in her black voice, “from several girls.”

“But that’s a normal reaction so we don’t have much to go on.”

“You don’t think it could be someone we both know personally do you?”

“Now that you’ve said it, I think it could possibly be.”

“Because with this recent dream, my own mother killed me.”

“So who can it be?”

“This has got to bite.  It could be a crazy fan of yours or someone who we both know personally.”

“Man, I’m just hoping its not one of the guys.”

“Same here.  But how did this whole thing get started anyway?  There must have been someone who started the curse.”

“Since it seems like our answers are going to be in one those dreams, I think we’re going to have to suffer through another one,” AJ said with a sigh.

“Well,” she said with a seductive tone, “not every single part of the dream is such a nightmare.”

“Damn, I should come over there and strangle you, woman, and then make some sweet love to you,” he said frustrated and hung up the phone when he heard her laugh.

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