Chapter 16

Kay was walking home from school as usual. School sucked because their whole computer system had screwed up. Just as she was about to walk around a corner, a group of girls walked up to her. Some were younger than her and a few was older than her.

“Are you Kay Kay Li?”

“That depends.  Why?”

“We’re from school and we saw a picture of you working on the stage for the Backstreet tour this pass summer.”

“Yeah, I’m her,” still a little suspicious of their intention, she sized up all the girls.

“There was a rumor on that site that you were AJ’s new girlfriend.”

“Please don’t tell me you believe that!  I’m the nerd of the school and I’m not exactly beautiful by your standards…”

Just as she said, “standards…,” a black Jeep with tinted windows pulled up to the group of girls.  The driver leaned over and rolled down the window.  “Hey, baby.  I was in the neighborhood and decided to drop by.  Hop in,” he said.

Without another word, Kay climbed into a Jeep and they drove off, leaving the others stunned and speechless.  After driving a couple blocks, the driver stopped the Jeep and cut off its engine.  The driver simply reached for Kay and pulled her into a fiery embrace as his lip found hers.  After hungrily kissing each other for a few moments, he pulled back.

Breathlessly, Kay asked him, “Why are you here, AJ?”

“Well, can’t a man see his girlfriend once in awhile?”

“Of course, he can see her.  But normally the boyfriend doesn’t live across the country.”

“Ah here’s where you are wrong.  This boyfriend may live in another state, but he’s not exactly a poor one.”

“Well, this girlfriend,” she said with a smirk, “might not want to see her boyfriend.”

“Is that so?  Get out then, I’ll just go home and wallow in my misery.”

“Fine, I will.”  With that said, she got out of the Jeep and walked back toward the way they had just came from.

AJ never thought that she would actually do what he told her to do, quickly jumped out of the car and quickly walked toward her.  As soon as he was able to, he reached out and grabbed her upper arm and spun her around.  “I missed you,” he said, peering down into her eyes.

“I missed you too,” she said softly as he allowed him to lead her back to the car.

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