Chapter 28

“I kind of like this view,” AJ said.

“What man wouldn’t?” Kay replied, referring to the bared upper half of her body.  “Hey, that stings.”

”Well, we have to kill off all the bacteria and stuff.  But here, I think this is going to help,” he said as he gently blew over the cut.

“That does help.”

After letting her put her T-shirt on, even though he didn’t want her to, he said, “I thought I lost you today, did you know that?”


“Because you being 17 and then I saw you lying there like you were dead.”

“Oh honey.  You know I’m going to do that sooner or later.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want you to.”

“I don’t want to either.  I mean who knows when we’ll see each other again.  I just found you.”

“So what happened?”

“I was coming back from the school district place and I was about to close the door when this thing pushed opened the door.  I asked it who the hell it was.”

“Why do you keep calling him/her it?”

“Because it was a shadow.  There wasn’t a face or anything.  It had the shape of a human body though.”

“Wait a minute, you said it was a shadow right?”

“Yeah, one with a knife, and named Fate.”

“Something passed by me in the hallway at the hotel.  It said, ‘I’ll be back.’  I thought it was a Terminator movie.”

“Okay.  So we know it’ll be back.  No question about that.  And Dwaine…”

“Who’s Dwaine?”

“This guy that came to me in a dream after that thing tried to kill me.  He kind of looks like Howie.  Anyway, he said I was cursed for a really dumb reason.”

“What?  Let me guess.  You broke some witch doctor’s son’s heart,” he said, trying to lighten up the situation.

“No…it’s much stupider.  It’s because I threw a rock father than someone.”


“My point exactly.  So now I have to pass a series of tests and in the pass lives, I failed with a big fat F.”

“So what was the 1st test?”

“I had to accept death.”

“So what did Dwaine say was the next?”

“He doesn’t know.  I’m suppose to be able to pass it, like how I passed without ever really studying.  Damn, I knew I was going to pay for that.”

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