Chapter 37

“Hey, baby, wake up,” AJ said softly as he kneeled down next to the sleeping Kay. “Wake up, honey.” He watched her squirm a little. He dropped his bags and replaced them with her. She cradled herself into a more comfortable position. Bringing her to his bedroom, he laid her on his bed.

Kay felt something warm and firm against her back and something snaked around her waist.  She turned toward the heat and draped her arm on his waist.  “Welcome home, Alex.”

When she awoke again, she found a pair of loving brown eyes looking down at her.  “Morning, honey,” she said.

His eyes crinkled at its corners with laughter.  “I think you mean, ‘Good evening’.”

“It can’t be!”  She looked through one of the sliding glass doors that overlooked his pool.  “My stars.  I must have slept over 12 hours.”

“But you’ve had two emotionally draining weeks,” he said tenderly as he gave her a sweet kiss on her forehead.

“How did you know?” she whispered.

“I saw the events in my dreams.  I thought I was having a nightmare when I first saw you and Nick kissing.  Then I saw you talking to D about everything.  Plus I saw you talking to Thomas.”

“But how?”

“Remember Dwaine?  He as busy helping me.”

“You aren’t pissed off?”

“Nah.  Hurt?  Yeah, I mean of all the people to pick.  My bro,” he said sadly, and then smiled.  “These guardians don’t have much taste in looks.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I mean.  They picked Nick.  The ugliest out of all of us.”

“Then who should they have picked?” she asked, caressing his upper arm.

“They could’ve picked Jack Daniels or Lil’ Tyke.”

“Wouldn’t that have been funny if I decided to choose Lil’ Tyke over you, claiming that he was more of a man than you?”

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