Chapter 29

“Are you crazy?” Kevin shouted over the phone.

“Maybe.  I think the hair dyes are getting to me,” AJ answered.

“You can’t house a 17 year old in your house!  Damn, if the press and the cops catch a whiff of this, you’ll get accused of statuary rape and register as a sex offender!”

“Hey, she’ll turn 18 in 2 months.  Plus, I was kind of hoping you could pose as her guardian.”


“You know just to get her back into school here.  And maybe let her stay in your pool house?” he asked, hopefully.

“Damn it, AJ.  Why can’t she stay with Nick or someone else?”

“Because Nick’s too young, and Brian lives down in Atlanta.  Howie’s girlfriend gets easily jealous.”

“But I got Kristen.  You know I’m still in the honeymoon phase,” he whined.

“Man, I seriously didn’t need to know that.”

“What about your mom?”

“I don’t know if she’ll go for it.”

“Come on, Denise is a fine woman.  Go find out.”

“Alright.  See ya.  Mom?”

“Why hello Alex, my son.  When was the last time you called your dear old mother of yours?”

“I know it’s been awhile but you know how it is.  You’re doing fine, I hope.”

“Okay, what do you want?”

“What makes you think I want something?”

“I am your mother and I can tell these things.”

“Why I never would ask you anything.”

“What do you want?”

“Can a friend of mine stay with you until Feb. 24?”

“Who is this person to you?”

“Uh…my girlfriend?”

“Since when?”

“Man, what’s with the interrogation?”

“It’s part of my job to interrogate my son about his girlfriend.”

“Fine.  She’s been my girlfriend since August.  Her name is Wing Kay, but we all call her Kay.  She’s from San Francisco and she needs a place to stay besides my place because her parents kicked her out.”

“Okay, where did you meet her?  Why was she kicked out?  And why can’t she stay at your place?”

“On tour.  Parents found out about me.  She’s 17.”

“What the hell possessed you to ask a 17 year old to be your girlfriend?”

“Mom, why are you giving me a hard time about this?”

“Because you always bring home the wrong type of girl, except Amanda.  It’s too bad she left you.”

“Do you really like her?”

“You wouldn’t believe how much.  We’ve been through so much.”

“You’ve only been dating what, 4 months?  How much could you have gone through?”

“I’ll explain that later.  It’s kind of complicated.”

“Okay.  I’ll be there at around 6, okay?”

“Thanks mom.”

“Hey what are we for?”

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