Chapter 42

“You fucking bastard,” AJ sneered.

“No, that would be you, my dear brother,” the Guardian replied with a sick smile.  “You stole her away from me.”

“She may have been yours, but she wanted me.”

“You do not steal.  It is a sin, brother dearest.”

“I am not your brother.  I never was and never will be,” AJ shouted.  “She left you in front of the whole clan.  She came to me on her own free will.”

“She was mine.  She was mine,” the Guardian repeated over and over again as he stepped toward AJ.  “Damn it!  She was mine!”  When he got close enough, he grabbed a handful of AJ’s shirt and lifted him up into the air.

AJ moved his pointer finger left and right.  “Uh uh ah…cursing is also a sin.”

That was the final straw.  The Guardian threw AJ down to the ground.  Ignoring the grunt of pain, he pounced onto him.  “Damn you.  Damn you,” he repeated with each punch.

“Get the hell off of him.  It’s me you want, not him,” Kay shouted from her pole.

“Silence!” a voice boomed from above.  “Guardian, stop what you are doing right now.”  After a moment and when the Guardian didn’t seem to stop his relentless beating, it boomed again.  “You never stop when I tell you too.”  Just like that, some force magically picked the Guardian up and threw him to the opposite side of the chamber.
“Oh my lord,” Howie whispered as he saw AJ get lifted up and thrown down. Then bruises start to appear on his chest and an eye blackened.

“Okay, where are they now?  They said they would be…,” Brian trailed off, “here.”  

“Where are we?” Kevin wondered as he surveyed his surroundings.  One second they were in their private plane going home to see what had happened to Kay and the next in a hot underground cave.

“Guys, I think we’re in Hell.”

“Nick?!” said the three as they saw him approaching them.

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