Chapter 13

Sum Fa slowly awoke the next morning. Her headdress was still on and her head was hurting like a bitch. She felt something against her back and cupping her right breast. She tried to scoot a little further from it, but it pulled her right back. She heard it murmur something she couldn’t understand. She finally opened her eyes and lifts the cloth over her head to see that she was in one of the tour bus bunks. She peeked under the covers and thought, ‘I didn’t do anything stupid, did I?’

To answer her question, she felt herself get turned around and was given a delicious kiss.  She felt him get on top of her and kissing her neck as he pulled down the sheets.  Despite the wonderful feeling of him doing that, she managed to get her hands onto his chest and pushed as hard as she could.  She heard a groan and realized that she had pushed the person against the top of the bunk.  She immediately slacked her hands, and the person fell on top of her.

Lord Windswept slowly opened his eyes after cursing the person who had pushed him up against something.  He finally realized that there was a horrendous pounding in his head.  He groaned as felt a warm female body beneath him.  He lifted up his head and looked into the eyes of an oh-so-familiar face.  They stared into each other eyes for a moment.


Sum Fa pushed Windswept out of the bunk.  Hearing the screams, Kevin, Howie and Brian scrambled out of their bunks.  They covered their eyes when they saw the naked man trying to find something to cover himself.

“What the hell is going on here?” Brian asked.

“She threw me out of my bunk.”


“Sum Fa,” he said.

“This isn’t the time to comment on your time last night,” Howie said.

“Not some fuck.  Sum Fa,” he said.  “I’m going to get some coffee.”

They all looked after the naked man stumbling into the kitchen area.

“Can someone get me some too?” she asked as she peeked out of the curtain.

“NICK!” Kevin roared.  The two with the hangover winced at the loudness of his voice.

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