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Aries' Fiction

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Note: All stories are X-Files Mulder/Krycek slash, and all are rated Adult-graphic unless otherwise noted.

Note 2: The following rating system is used for all stories on this site:

Disclaimer 1: Mulder, Krycek, Scully and all other X-Files characters who get thrown into this mix are the intellectual property of Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and Fox Studios.

Disclaimer 2: Any and all manipulated images on this site are intended to represent the characters and in no way reflect upon the actors who portrayed them. If you like them, send feedback to the talented makers, the Theban Band. Unless otherwise noted, the artwork is theirs.


Salutations. Welcome to my world. Here in my world, I do as I please. And that means that I choose for there to be no such things as STDs. I also have seen fit to completely ignore the fact that Krycek has a prosthetic arm, and hell, I've even given Scully a desk. This is my world and my story. Read all you want, but no one touches it but me.

Note: Cover picture (inside the story pages and here in full size) is by Rachel Lewis.

  1. Admission (40K)

  2. Awakening (117K)

  3. Painful Repercussions (114K)

  4. Don't Let Me Dream (212K)

  5. Paradise Found (372K)  Part 2    Part 3

  6. Uh... Mom? (28K)
    This interlude finds the boys back from the Bahamas and ready to deal with real life... starting with Ma Mulder.

  7. Snips and Snails (37K)
    Interlude: The boys get a puppy.

  8. The Best Laid Plans (502K)    Part 2    Part 3
    Another chapter from the world of Admission. The "asshole" at the bar in Admission V: Paradise Found, has a name...and a nasty plan. Angst, angst, violence, schmoop, death of insignificant characters, schmoop, angst

  9. Recovering (397K)    Part 2
    Alex just hasn't been the same since he returned from his little stay with Justin Saint James. He must exorcise his demons before his destructive behavior loses him everything that's ever meant anything to him in his life. Namely Fox.

  10. Always a Bridesmaid (219K) March 2002
    The reason for Fox's sudden mood swings eludes Alex until Scully finally puts two and two together and whacks him over the head with the answer.

  11. Perfect (720K)    Part 2    Part 3  Sept. 2003
    We're havin' a wedding! If we can ever get past all the drama...

  12. Ever After (114K) 08-01-26
    Well, the boys have made it through the wedding and are off on their honeymoon. Schmoop, sex, fun, schmoop...oh, come on, they're on their honeymoon. Did you think it wouldn't be schmoopy?

  13. No Walls (219K) 09-09-20 NEW
    The boys go to visit Alex's family.

Apples and Oranges

  1. Apples and Oranges (7K) Non-explicit
    A seven month relationship is going nowhere.

  2. What About Tomorrow? (8K) Non-explicit
    The boys are still struggling with a fairly new relationship.

  3. Darkness (7K) Non-explicit
    Somebody's gotta give in or this'll go on and on...or worse.

  4. Only as Hard as You Make It (5K) Non-explicit
    Scully gets tired of Mulder's sulking and puts her feelings aside (sort of) to do something about it.

  5. First Move (4K) Non-explicit
    Mulder overhears Scully talking to Krycek

  6. Diversion (13K) Non-explicit
    They alone. They're talking. But will it settle anything?

  7. Plan B (7K)
    Mulder's had about all he can take of this talking crap and tries another approach.

  8. Smutty Novels and Fairy Tales (6K) Non-explicit
    Alex tells Mulder a little story. Mulder reciprocates and hits a nerve.

  9. But for Tonight (6K) Adult
    The same night Mulder leaves the motel, he gets an unexpected visit at his apartment.

  10. The Only Someone in the World (15K)
    Alex finally cracks.

DC Rain Best H-C 2000WetDC Rain

  1. DC Rain (442K)   Part 2 Nov. 2000
    Think back to April. The birds are singing, the air is humming is with signs of spring, and a challenge is issued. Write a story about Alex as a hooker. Great! As usual, though, I'm months behind. In this case seven months. What can I say after I say I'm sorry? So, here's the story. The alien foolishness is over. The good guys win, and everybody's happy. Almost everybody. With no conspiracies to break, and all his favorite enemies gone, Mulder's feeling out of sorts and decides he needs a long vacation. He ends up in Los Angeles still feeling lost, but not for long. For one fateful night, just before he goes and does something he'll end up regretting, he looks across a busy avenue and sees a familiar face. And finds one infinitely more lost than he...

  2. Double or Nothing (914K)  Part 2   Part 3   Part 4 Jan. 2002
    The search for Alex is on, and Fox won't stop until he finds him. Turns out that'll be the easiest part.

  3. Going Under (498K)  Part 2  04-05-21 
    There are lots of ways to drown.


  1. Empty (139K) M/K, K/other
    Fox and Alex are done. Alex has A new man and things are going fine. Until one night at an art gallery turns everything upside down.

  2. Courtship (243K)
    Alex has been on his own for a few months now, trying to get his life, such as it is, together. And then... Knock, knock, knock.

Green-Eyed Monster

  1. Green-Eyed Monster (315K) 
    An agent from Alex's academy days appears briefly and stirs up some trouble for our boys. Schmoop and angst abound.

  2. Alex's Journal (Prequel) (156K)
    Alex works with Mulder and Scully to break the Consortium and put an end to all this aliens taking over the world nonsense. He starts scribbling out a journal, originally to record the events for Mulder in the event of his demise, but things begin to change...

  3. Move in Condition (Prequel 2) (99K)
    This Green Eyed Monster interlude is another prequel, picking up right after Alex's Journal. If you recall, at the end of that story, the boys decided to get a house together. This is their search. Though I didn't mean for there to be any, a teeny bit of angst found its way into the beginning of this. After that, though, it's all fun.

  4. Snippet (7K)
    There was a scene in Green Eyed Monster where Alex is teasing Mulder and asks him to describe his cock. Mulder's more than a bit frustrated and tells Alex he'll do it later. I never readdressed that, so I'd like to do it now.

  5. November (10K) Adult
    Response to the Infernale "Garden" challenge

Mind, Body and Soul

  1. Mind (7K) Adult
    I have no idea where this one came from. It's just one of those things that starts rattling around in the brain for no apparent reason. It's part I in a very, very short series. Yes, I said short. Quit giggling out there! All three chapters are POV's, alternating between Fox and Alex, and I don't think you'll have any trouble figuring out who's saying what.

  2. Body (30K)
    What happens when Krycek pushes Mulder just a bit too far, and they finally act on their repressed desires.

  3. Soul (23K)
    If you read the first two chapters, you understand how the stories are tied in with their titles.

Nobody Has to Know

  1. Nobody Has to Know (9K) 04-05-21
    For Peja's "I saw what you did last night" challenge: Someone saw Mulder do something bad. But Mulder doesn't know what.

  2. Last Call (11K) 04-05-23
    Mulder figures out who it was who saw him at the club, and they talk

  3. Pain Between Lovers (21K) 04-05-25
    Mulder gets frustrated with Krycek's silence and decides to go umm...out

  4. One More Try (16K) 04-05-27
    If a hot guy crawled into your bedroom in the middle of the night dressed in sexy black leather, would you kick him out?

  5. Day One (16K) 04-05-28
    A week, huh? This should be interesting.

  6. Plans for the Weekend (28K) 04-06-02
    The weekend's only just begun, and already Mulder's in trouble

  7. Feisty (38K) 04-06-19
    You can dress him up but you can't take him out.

  8. Restructuring (57K) 04-07-01
    Mulder slips his tether, and Krycek has a wee bit of trouble leading him back into the barn, as it were.

  9. Until (130K) 04-08-12
    Krycek convinces Mulder to finish out their week; he decides to continue their relationship, and things are going well....until

  10. A Matter of Control (100K) 04-08-18
    Krycek needs to confront some serious emotional issues or he won't stand a snowball's chance in you-know-where of squaring things with a heartbroken Mulder, who, by the way, is heading toward more trouble.
    WARNING. This story contains some disturbing images of child abuse and non-con, m/m sex between and adult and a minor.

  11. Silence (118K) 05-05-21  
    Alex feels that what happened to Fox is his fault. And that ain't all that's bugging him. Trouble's a brewin'.

  12. The Price of Poker (52K) 05-08-06 
    How much can a person take before they've finally had enough?

  13. Mexican Standoff (84K) 06-02-21 
    How to hold a really pissed off Alex Krycek prisoner in his own apartment and convince him that it's for his own good.

  14. Battle Scars (62K) 08-02-11
    Good news. Alex hasn't had any nightmares lately. More good news. He's not chained to his bed any more. Uh... that's about where the good news ends.

Not on My Watch

NoMW4 Best Novel 2000
  1. Not on My Watch (251K)
    Mulder gets himself involved in a hostage situation, and just when it looks as though things could get really ugly, Alex steps in and saves him. Atta boy, Alex. And now Mulder has gone from the frying pan and into the to speak.

  2. That's What Trust'll Get'cha (263K)
    Mulder tells Scully about his week-long stay with Alex in Oregon, and boy, is she pissed. Trouble arises for our boys as a result. Something happens to get the three of them back to Alex's cabin, they get snowed in, Alex and Scully square off, and by some miracle, all three get back to Washington alive. Mulder tells Skinner about his relationship with Alex, and more trouble ensues, setting us up for part three.

  3. Comfort Is a Four-Letter Word (273K)

  4. Remember Me (635K)  Part 2
    Bad things happen when Skinner makes an unwise decision based on his hatred of Alex.

Phone Series

  1. Local Call (13K)
    Response to the Infernale phone booth challenge.

  2. Hang Up (20K)

  3. Disconnected (17K)

  4. Long Distance (18K)
    Response to the Infernale phone sex challenge.

Prisoner of the Heart

  1. Prisoner of the Heart (238K) Adult, 04-10-09
    Mulder finds more than he bargained for when he goes looking for his sister in New Mexico.

  2. Samantha Says (59K) Adult, 06-11-15
    Ever try to make two hard-headed men realize how they really feel about each other? It ain't no Sunday walk in the park.

  3. One Forward, Three Back (44K) Adult, 08-02-22
    Fox gets an A for effort. Okay, maybe a B+. But in this case it takes two to make progress, and Alex, for the most part, is being a little less than cooperative.

  4. Dangerous Territory (40K) Adult, 08-03-07
    The boys talk on the phone.

  5. Unavoidable (54K) Adult, 08-04-01
    Another phone call. And emotionally, Alex is all over the place. Poor baby. Fox is going to have to dig deep to find the patience he's going to need to deal with it..

  6. In a Perfect World (37K) 08-04-15
    Another phone call. Tempers flare. Fox gets pushy, and Alex, emotionally unstable to begin with, cracks under the pressure... which, in this case might not be such a bad thing.

  7. Love Songs (40K) Adult, 08-04-26
    Dear old Dad visits Alex at the hospital after his biopsy. Isn't that sweet? Uh... not so much.

  8. Lime Jello and Green M&M's (273K) 09-03-01 RECENT
    Peter comes to visit. Will Alex come with him? If he does, what will Spender do? If he doesn't, what will Fox do? Will he go after Alex? Will he just sit and brood for weeks on end? Will Peter and Scully fall in love? Will Lassie save Timmy from the well? Just checking to see if you're paying attention.

Private Dancer

PD2 - Best Sex Scene 2000
  1. Private Dancer (43K)
    So I'm hard at work, greening the damned baskets for Easter, talking with my buddy Nela, and for some reason she brings up the time we went to go see the Chippendale's dancers. We drooled, we giggled, we ignored the dirty looks cast our way... then she goes and does me in by saying I should write a story with Alex as a stripper... I swear, I'm gonna tape her mouth shut one of these days.

  2. One Night Only (169K)
    Howard's club is in trouble and he needs Alex to help him save it. But at the end of Private Dancer, Alex had hung up his g-string and ridden off into the sunset with Fox. So, will he or won't he?


  1. 10 Minutes (7K)

  2. Anatomy of a Quickie (12K)
    Mulder comes home to change for a night out with Scully and...

Round Robin Bandits' Shop Stories

  1. The Toy Shop (written with Orithain, Rowanne, Frankie, Lucy Snowe and Dr Ruthless) (15K)

    3.   The Art Shop (written with Nicole S, Orithain, Rowanne, Frankie, Lucy Snowe and Dr Ruthless) (33K)

    4.   The Flower Shop (written with Nicole S, Orithain, Rowanne, Angel and Rina) (29K) July 2000


  1. It's the Humidity (10K) 02-07-22
    It's always so much hotter when you've got that blasted humidity to deal with.

  2. It's the Wind Chill (22K) 09-02-09 RECENT
    Winter on Martha's Vineyard. Mulder and Krycek get their freak on.



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