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February Archives

Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebor, and a Bride

A preview of the new figures to come. Wat Tambor, Coleman Trebor, and Padme in a wedding outfit will all be released later this year. Visit Figure Preview. . . for more information.

Nick 2/21/03

Clone Wars Coming To The Cartoon Network

The Clone Wars will be continued on the TV screen. 20 animated short two to three minute cartoons will air on the Cartoon Network beginning this year. The cartoons will continue the story of the Clone Wars. Visit Three-Minute Epics: A Look at Star Wars: Clone Wars for more information.

Nick 2/21/03

Star Wars Art Heads To Japan

Star Wars displays are heading to museums in Japan for a limited time. If you live in Japan or are going to visit I suggest you stop by one of these museums.

Sapporo Art Museum
November 2003 - December 2003

Kyoto National Museum (Episodes I & II)
January 2004 - March 2004

Tokyo National Science Museum
March 2004 - June 2004

Fukushima Prefecture Art Museum, Fukushima
July 2004 - September 2004

Fukushima Prefecture Museum, Aizu
September 2004 - December 2004

For more information head over to Art of Star Wars Heading to Japan.

Nick 2/21/03

Happy B-Day Daniels

The JAA wishes Anthony Daniels a Happy Birthday. Today Threepio turns 57.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Threepio
Happy birthday to you
You smell like a Hutt
And you look like one too

Nick 2/21/03

Star Wars Insider #66

Many subscribers opened their mailboxes yesterday and found the next issue of Star Wars Insider. Here is the scoop if you have not recieved your long awaited issue.
Kamino VS. Geonosis
The Secret Plot To Kill Chewbacca
The Unseen Digital Tricks
Infamous Imperial Grand Admirals
Creating Kaminoans
Interview: Rubio Meets Threepio
Episode III Update
Novel Approach
Ellusion Illusion: by Michael A. Stackpole
Star Wars AT The Movies
Walk Like A Trandoshan- Alien Anthology in the Gaming Universe
CCG Article
SWG Update
And More

Nick 2/21/03

KB Toys

Yesterday I went to a KB Toy store. All of the SW inventory was on sale from 30-60 percent off. They also still have the 4 figure sets which are at 9.99 price. Twelve inch figures, vehicles, 3 3/4" figures and everything SW related was on sale. Check out your local KB store to see what they have at low prices.

Nick 2/20/03

Cave Of Knowledge

The Cave Of Knowledge has been updated. More info and pics are coming. Enter the Cave, but beware. You do not know what you will find.

Nick 2/18/03

Quote of the Week

There are many great quotes throughout the Star Wars universe. Do you know them. Well the chance has come to learn the great Star Wars quotes. The Jedi Academy Archives will pick a quote every week. The quote will be posted in the news at the beginning of the week. Then the quote will be posted in the right column of the JAA's front page. If the quote is to big to fit correctly then a link directly to the quotes place in the JAA Quote Archive will be provided. To submit a quote for a following week please email us at JAA Quote Of The Week. Also email any questions or comments about Quote of the Week to the above address.

Nick 2/18/03

SW Galaxies

SW Galaxies will support surround sound. So head on over to your local electronics store and buy those huge surround sound speakers.

Nick 2/17/03

JAA Message Board

The JAA Message Board (the Holoprojector)is now open to everyone. Membership is not required. Stop over at the board and post your thoughts.

Nick 2/17/03

Screen Themes

Star announced the addition of new Battle of Hoth screen themes. Head on over and check out the new themes. Star Wars Screen Themes.

Nick 2/15/03

Unified Sites Contest Two

The unified sites are having another contest for massive prizes. Here is the prompt:
"As an agent for the constituency of the Jedi Order, you have been given a mission of utmost importance. There is a new force in the Universe, a threat to the livelihood of the Republic. Your mission is this: travel throughout the galaxy in search of clues that will help you decipher a code sequence to reveal what, and where, this new threat exists."
Visit for more information.

Nick 2/15/03

Code 3

Code 3 has announced that they will be making die cast Star Wars vehicles and starships. For more information visit Code 3 or Star

Nick 2/15/03

Cave Of Knowledge

There will be a delay on the Cave Of Knowledge updates. Current events at home have put me behind on the updates. Sorry. When the updates are complete I will give further notice. Thanks.

Nick 2/15/03

Local Walmart Finds

Today I went to my local Walmart in Greenville, Ohio. I found these items on there reduced racks or on sale.
Jango Fett Lego Technic- 17.00 regular price- 29.97
Jango Fett Room Alarm- 17.00 regular price- 29.96
Republic Gunship Lego- 50.00 regular price- 89.97
12" Jango Fett with accessories- 21.00 regular price- 39.96
Unleashed Figures- 9.00 regular price-19.99
Slave I (AOTC)- 13.00 regular price-24.87
Jedi Starfighter- 4.00 regular price- 19.76
AOTC Trading Card Game- 2.50 regular price- 9.99
AOTC Zam and Anakin Speeders- 7.00 regular price- 12.88
Reek- 9.00 regular price- 14.88
Lego Super Battle Droid- 21.00 regular price- 34.88
Lego Yoda- 55.00 regular price- 99.97
Check your local Walmart and see what they have on sale.

Nick 2/15/03

A Forest Apart

Troy Denning's ebook, A Forest Apart, has been released. A Forest Apart is the prequel to Tatooine Ghost, available March 4. The ebook is selling for around $3.50 from various dealers. For more information and a list of dealers visit Star

Nick 2/12/03

Star Wars Oscar Awards

Nominations for the Oscars will go out two ILM artists for their work on EP. II. Also John Williams and Skywalker Sound had nominations. For more information visit Star

Nick 2/12/03

Clone Wars Cartoons

This information was over on Jundland Wastes.
I had an interesting email earlier from someone who seemed to know plenty on The Clone Wars project. It seems that the cartoon of TCW will be a 26 part series, with 13 episodes out each year till E3 is released, The cartoon is said to be very much like the Starship Troopers cartoon series for style rather than the previously rumoured Samurai Jack series. All the main characters have been voiced by the film actors, and all our favourite film characters will be making appearences throughout the series.
The news was found on The Private Universe.

Nick 2/12/03

Yoda Marries

An article on talks about a very interesting marriage.
"Hmm. Solemnized your union is. Happily ever after may you live."
Click here to read.

Nick 2/11/03

The Dayton Daily News

The Dayton Daily News published an article on citizens of Ohio trying to be cast on the next survivor.
"One man ate a worm; another swallowed a live tadpole. Both hoped to prove they were ready for food challenges. One woman stripped off layers of clothing, each layer illustrating one of her roles in life: Worker, mother, wife and athlete. Another wielded a Star Wars light saber with skill and style, announcing that her Jedi training would come in handy on Survivor."
If only showing skills as a Jedi or Sith could give me a chance of being part of Survivor.

Nick 2/11/03

Star Wars Weekends

Disney's annual Star Wars Weekends have been announced. The annual event will take place from May 16 to June 15, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The event will be held in Disney's MGM Studios park. Star Wars celebrities will be in attendence. This is a great time to take the kids. Visit MGM for more information.

Nick 2/11/03

Hasbro List Figures

Star has released a list of Hasbros up coming figures. The figures to come later this year include original tilogy figures that will be rereleased. These five figures will consist of everything they originally included and will be the exact same mold (nothing will change on them). The five rereleased figures will also include display stands while being packaged in Saga design. The five figures will include:
Jango Fett, Kamino Escape
C-3PO - from POTF
Darth Maul - from POTJ
Princess Leia Organa - from POTF
Han Solo - from POTF
The list and additional details can be viewed at Star Wars- 2003 Basic Figure Update.

Nick 2/11/03

KMart Finds

Today I went to KMart. There I found some really good mark downs.
ALL 12" AOTC Figures Mark Down Price- 13.00 Regular Price- 19.99
Zam Wessel's Speeder Mark Down Price- 8.00 Regular Price 14.99
Jedi Starfighter Mark Down Price- 8.00 Regular Price 19.99
The 12" figures were the best find. Check out the K-Mart nearest you. This may have been a sale by one K-Mart but then the sale may be a chain sale.

Nick 2/9/03

Propaganda Posters

The Force.Net posted pictures of propaganda posters for Star Wars. These were ILM posters shown at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, CA Thursday night. View the pictures at The Force.Net under the heading Star Wars Propaganda Posters from ILM Tribute.

Nick 2/8/03

KB Toys

From Jundland Wastes we here that KB Toy Stores have on going sales on AOTC toys.
Jedi Starfighter with Obi-Wan Kenobi for $9.97
Clone Trooper Republic Gunship for $19.97
R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid for $59.97
Visit KB Toys for more information and purchasing before the sales end.

Nick 2/8/03


Updates for KotOR have been added to the Lucas Arts website. The new updates are about Dantooine, the home of the first Jedi Academy. Visit Lucas Arts for more information on KotOR.

Nick 2/8/03

The Clone Wars

Lucas Arts has announced that the Clone Wars video game for Xbox will be compatable with Xbox Live. Now fans will be able to battle each other on the net and become real champions of the Clone Wars. Visit Lucas Arts The Clone Wars for more information.

Nick 2/8/03

Star Wars Databank

Star has added more data to their databank. The new information comes from the Han Solo Trilogy books. To find out information on the characters, ships, etcetera visit Star Wars to view the new updates.

Nick 2/8/03

Dark Horse

Updates on what to come from Dark Horse have been posted on Star The updates include a reminder of the Star Wars Clone Trooper Mini Bust Release, and previews of the new comics. Visit Star Wars to view whats to come.

Nick 2/8/03

Cave Of Knowledge

Within the next week updates for the Cave Of Knowledge section of JAA will hopefully be up. When the updates are completed further notification will be posted.

Nick 2/5/03

Insider #66

Star has released a preview of what is to come in the next Insider.
Examination of the Geonosian and Kamino factories
Article about the Yuuzhan Vong
"Elusion Illusion" by Michael A. Stackpole
Holonet News Column
Who's Who of Imperial Grand Admirals
Episode III Update
Behind The Magic: Creating a Kaminoan
Preview of Tatooine Ghost
Plus more

Nick 2/5/03


Star Wars has now released some of the art to come in Episode III. Head on over to Star

Nick 2/5/03

New 12 Inch Figs

Hasbro has released new information on the new 12 Inch figures to come. Those figures will be Han Solo in Corellian Attire, Lando Calrissian in Skiff Guard Disguise, and an AT-ST Driver. Click here to view the pics.

Nick 2/5/03

The Private Universe

The Private Universe has posted a list of the new 2003 Hasbro figures to come. Some of the figures have been known but others have not. Visit the Private Universe to view the site.

Nick 2/5/03

Reported on Jundland Wastes

The Jundland Scrambler

The Jundland Wastes is having a new competition. It is the Jundland Scrambler. Head on over to the forums, unscramble the Imperial code, and send your entry in. You could win the first wave of Star Tours figures courtesy of Brians Toys.

Nick 2/5/03

The JAA Faculty

Think you have what it takes to become part of the JAA faculty. Wether it is reporting or helping us out on the site. Email us telling why you would be a prime candidate for our faculty.

Nick 2/1/03

Knights Of The Old Republic Update

Lucas Arts has posted new info on KotOR. That info includes:
Sith trooper armor and training info.
And screenshots including:
Jolee and Bastila battling kath hounds
Jedi acrobatics
Bastila unleashing Force lightening
Rontos roaming Tatooinne
And Kolto Tanks on Taris
Visit Lucas Arts KotOR for more information.

Nick 2/1/03


Our Luminara Unduli Contest is over on Feb. 14. Become a member of our message board and post five times then send that entry in. Remember membership to ezboard is free and to our message board is free.

Nick 2/1/03

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