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Oppo Rancisis

At the Battle of Naboo, Rancisis was 174 years old. He was the heir to the Thisspiasian throne. His mother, the Blood Monarch of Thisspias, gave Oppo up to Yaddle to train as a Jedi when he was only a baby. Oppo's younger sister took the throne after his mother. When she was killed by protestors in Ratamesh at the Thisspian alcazar, Rancisis refused to take over the throne. He much preferred his life as a Jedi. Oppo was admitted onto the Jedi Council after the Stark Hyperspace Conflict. He proved himself as a great fleet strategist and was then accepted onto the council. Oppo also instructed Jedi how to use an ability called Malacia, a force ability that causes dizziness and nausea.

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