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Kyp was born on the Deyer Colony in the Anoat system. His parents were outspoken people who protested the Ghorman Massacre and the Death Star. The Emperor had a squad of stormtroopers take Kyp and his parents to Kessel. His brother Zeth was sent to the Imperial Academy on Caridia. On Kessel Kyp met a Jedi named Vima Da Boda. She taught him how to use lesser Force skills. When she was taken away Kyp was left alone to explore what he knew.
Kyp Durron was found in the spice mines of Kessel by Han Solo and Chewbacca. Kyp helped pilot the Sun Crusher out of the Maw Installation with Han and Chewie in a daring escape. He was then taken to Luke and became one of the academy's strongest students. When Exar Kun's spirit was let lose he unknowingly became an agent of the Dark Side. Kyp used the powerful Sun Crusher to destroy Admiral Daala's fleet. He also destroyed the Imperial Academy on Caridia. While there he found his brother alive but it was already too late to rescue him. He was incinerated during the mass destruction. Kyp then headed out and destroyed various construction yards and weapons depots. When Han Solo and Lando Calrissian tried to stop him, Kyp became even more upset. He almost destroyed them with the deadly Sun Crusher. Suddenly Exar Kun's presence was destroyed. Kyp was then freed from the Dark Side and surrendered to Han and Lando.
Durron became a Jedi Knight and partnered up with Dorrsk 81. When word came about that the remnants of the Empire were gathering forces, Kyp and Dorrsk 81 went to spy on the Empire. They found out that Daala was alive and the Empire would attack the Jedi praxeaum. Durron and Dorrsk 81 helped the Jedi trainees defend the academy. During this defense Dorrsk 81 lost his life. Kyp now helps other Jedi trainees and has his own starfighter squadron called Kyp-s Dozen. They perform missions without the Republic or Luke's advice. Kyp also had an apprentice named Miko Reglia who died during the Yuuzong Vong invasion.
Because of Kyp's journey from the Light to the Dark to Light Side, he believes that Yoda was wrong when he said that if you journey down the Dark Side it will dominate you. This philosophy makes him popular among trainees.

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