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Anakin Solo

Anakin Solo is the youngest of Han and Leia's children. He was hidden away on the planet of Anoth while his parents were relocated on Coruscant. Winter, Leias assistant, took care of Anakin and his twin brother and sister. No one knew of the children's location except Luke Skywalker, Winter, and Admiral Ackbar. After the twins were moved to Coruscant, Anakin's location was betrayed to Imperial Caridian Ambassador Furgan by an Alliance traitor who was under the influence of a cyborg implant. The traitor had tracked Ackbar to Anoth to receive the coordinates. Anoth was attacked by the Imperial Ambassador. Due to quick thinking by Winter, Admiral Ackbar, and the traitor Terpfen, a Mon Calamarian, Anakin was saved. He was moved to Coruscant to be with his parents right after.
Anakin grew up at the Imperial Palace. Usually Winter would watch over him but occassionally C3-PO or Chewbacca would. At three and a half years old Anakin and the twins were kidnapped by Lord Hethrir. He wanted to teach the ways of the Dark Side to the children. On the Crseith Research Station, Hethrir tried to feed Anakin's spirit to Waru. A friendship between Anakin and a little boy, named Tigris, was all that saved young Solo.
As Anakin grows stronger in the Force, he envies his siblings for they are able to train as Jedi. Soon enough Anakin will begin his training and he looks forward to that day.

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