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   Tionne was entered into the Jedi Academy when Luke Skywalker discovered her on the Exis Station space outpost. She loves to sing about Jedi history. Using a self created instrument and the Force she sings what is on Jedi holocrons. She never was very strong in the Force yet she has been able to help teach others at the Jedi Praxeaum. She aided the students in defeating Exar Kun using her knowledge of history. Kun even singled her out as the weakest Jedi student. She replied saying that someday her songs would be sung telling the story of the Sith lord's defeat. And it would be her singing those songs. Kam Solusar ends up marrying Tionne and they become coadministrators at the academy. When Tionne teaches the students she uses her musical talent. She sings and tells stories to get the lessons across to apprentices. In some way, her way of teaching seems to be better than Luke's way, which is mainly straight forward.

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