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Nichos Marr went to the Jedi training facility to become a Jedi Knight. When he had completed his training he was going to marry his fiance Cray Mingla. During training Nichos was struck down with Quannots Syndrome. Cray transferred her, soon to be, husband's persona into a droid construct in order to save him. The droid body worked. However, it affected Marr's ability to feel human emotion and to use the Force.
Nichos helped the Rebellion to find Pletts Well and the Eye Of Palpatine. When they found the Eye Of Palpatine the Jedi decided to destroy it. A Jedi had been trapped inside the computer core and was able to keep the weapons systems from working for over thirty years. Her name was Callista. Nichos knew he could not stay with Cray because of his inability to feel emotion.In a plan to destroy the ship Nichos volunteered. It would mean death to him but he thought it was better in the long run. Callista revealed this plan and Cray would not let Nichos go alone. Cray and Callista used their Force powers to swap places. Callista's prescence moved into Cray's body while Cray moved into the computer core. Callista ejected on an escape pod. Nichos and Cray both died during the destruction of the Eye Of Palpatine. They are now together, alive through the Force.

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