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   Luke Skywalker is the son of Anakin Skywalker, a.k.a. Darth Vader, and Padme Amidala. He was hidden away from his evil father on the planet of Tatooine. Over the years old Ben Kenobi watched over young Skywalker to help protect him from the Emperor. When two droids, R2-D2 and C3-PO, came into Luke's possession he did not know what was in store for him during the coming years.
   R2-D2 carried a message for the old hermit Ben Kenobi. When R2 escaped the Lars moisture farm Luke knew he had gone out to find Kenobi. Luke set out to find the little renegade droid. When he did he was attacked by a group of Tusken Raiders who were scared away by old Ben Kenobi faking the cry of a Krayt Dragon. Ben took Luke to his home and told him of his destiny as a Jedi. This surprised young Skywalker and he decided to return to the farm.
   On his return Skywalker found his guardians, Owen and Beru Lars, dead. He then set out on a mission to become a Jedi like his father. At Mos Eisely, Ben and Luke met up with the smugglers Han Solo and his partner Chewbacca. The two smugglers agreed to help the missionaries get to Alderaan. Little did they know that they would end up on the Death Star Space Station instead.
   Princess Leia Organa was on that station. Upon realizing this Luke took it upon himself to rescue her. Solo and the wookie helped after being bribed. After her rescue Organa was taken to the smuggler ship, the Millenium Falcon. Old Ben Kenobi was going to shut down the tractor beam on the station so that they would be able to leave quickly. In the hangar Darth Vader waited for Kenobi. The two fought it out and Ben let himself be killed by the Sith Lord. His death only made him more powerful.
   Next, Luke aided the Rebel Alliance during the attack on the Death Star. Aided by Kenobi's spirit, Luke was the one to make the vital blow which destroyed the station. Luke continued to help the rebellion. Hoth station was a rebel hideaway. When it was attacked, Luke was there fighting the Imperial walkers with a snowspeeder.
   Young Skywalker was directed, by Ben's spirit, to go to the Dagobah system after he was attacked by a wampa, on the ice planet Hoth. After the Battle of Hoth, Luke went to Dagobah. There he met Jedi Master Yoda, who instructed him about the ways of the Force. Yoda taught Luke how to believe the unbelievable when he, not even a meter tall, lifted Luke's sunken x-wing out of a swamp.
   Luke promised Yoda he would return to finish his training. He was off to Bespin. He had forseen his friends getting into trouble on the gas mining planet. Their he confronted Darth Vader for the first time. Vader had baited Lukes friends so that Luke would show up. He did. In the carbon freezing chamber of Cloud City Vader planned to capture Luke for his departure to the Emperor. Luke did not succumb to Vader. He fought a hard battle in which he lost his right hand. He also "lost" Han Solo, now one of his closest friends. Solo had been taken to Jabba the Hutt by means of carbon freezing and a bounty hunter named Boba Fett.
   Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian (owner of Cloud City, Bespin) set out to rescue Solo. In an extremely complicated mission they achieved their goal. They also destroyed Jabba and many of his slaves, friends, and workers.
   After rescueing Han, Luke returned to Dagobah. He found out that Yoda was now dying. Before his death Yoda confirmed that Vader was Luke's father. He also made Luke aware that he had a sister who was strong in the Force. When Yoda died, he disappeared, becoming one with the Force.
   When he returned to the Rebel Alliance, Luke found out that there was another Death Star. He decided to lead a strike team to the forest moon of Endor along with Han and Leia. On this mission they meet the Ewok civilization, who took them captive. Through the Force Luke uses C3-PO to scare the ewoks into releasing the team. They do, believing the gold droid is a god. In the Ewok village Luke tells Leia of their bloodline revealing to her that she is his sister. In a way she always knew they were family.
   In order to help the strike team with their mission Luke goes to confront Vader. Only this time he does not want to kill Vader but to turn him away from the Dark Side. Vader ends up bringing him in front of the Emperor. When Luke attacked the Emperor, Vader defended his master. Both father and son ended up in combat. In the end, Vader lost his hand and the fight. The Emperor now took charge and began to kill Luke. Coming away from the Dark Side Vader saved Luke by throwing the Emperor into a power core. Vader tried to follow his master but was saved by Luke.
   Vader was dying and asked Luke to take his helmet off. He wanted to see his son with his own eyes. He told Luke he was right, he did have good left in him. Then he perished.
   Luke took his father's body down to Endor. He gave Vader a Jedi burial. After Anakin's body burned Luke was able to see old friends. At the Ewok village Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin stood in ghost like forms smiling at Luke. They were now one with the Force. This also let Luke know that he had become a Jedi.

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