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The October News Archive

10/14/02 Attack of the Clones DVD/VHS content

Eight deleted scenes
intros by George Lucas, Rick McCullum, and Ben Burtt
From Puppets to Pixels
creating Yoda, Dexter Jettster, and others digitally
The Previsualization Of Episode II
documentary with never before seen animatics
Films Are Not Released They Escape
the making of Episode II's sounds
Three documentary's
exploring action scenes, love story, and storyline
The Making of Episode II
All 12 parts from
Across the Stars music video
The original
trailers, theatrical teaser, and 12 tv spots
posters, print from campaigns, and never before seen production photos
Episode II visual effects breakdown
Holonet News website
DVD-ROM web link for exclusive Star Wars content


10/14/02 Star Wars Insider October 2002

Exclusive Topps Ep. II widevision trading card
Who's Who in the Jedi Order
16 Jedi
Episode II starships
Geonosian Starfighter, Solar Ship, SlaveI, etc
Episode II secrets
Seven Forms of Lightsaber Combat
Will soon be coming to Jedi Academy Archives
Return to Endor
Ewok Films
Relic of Ruin
Emmisary of the Void-Episode IV
The Millenium Falcon Set Piece Dissection
Plus much more


Book News

Coming Soon
Star Wars Mythmaking
Making of Ep. II, on sale Oct. 29
The Art of Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones
500 illustrations from AOTC, on sale Nov. 12
Roleplaying Game: Arms and Equipment Guide
On Sale Now


10/14/02 Important Insider Info

Star Wars Insider is now published by Paizo Publishing LLC. They have changed the Insider's subscription. Now instead of 6 times a year Insider will be published eight times. It will be $28.95 for a subscription, allowing us to save 40 percent off newstand price. Also if you subscribe you will automatically become part of the Star Wars Fan Club. An Official Membership Kit will be sent to you when you subscribe. Later this year Insider will release a new quarterly Fan Club newsletter that is only available for subscribers. To request guidelines for original artwork, fan event schedules, or to just comment on the magazine email or mail them at Star Wars Fan Club, 3245 146th Place SE, Suite 110, Bellevue, WA 98007, Attn Bantha Tracks. Bantha Tracks will now be the connection for the Star Wars community when it comes to Star Wars Insider.


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