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Dorrsk 81 is the 81st clone of the original Dorrsk. He comes from the planet of Khomm, which has perfected its society through cloning. He was one of the first trainnees to arrive at the Jedi praxeaum. Dorrsk 81 trained at the temple with Gantoris. During a training exercise Gantoris saved Dorrsk 81 from falling into a river of lava. Gantoris was soon killed by Exar Kun. Kun then turned Kyp Durron, a friend of Dorrsk, to the Dark Side. Kun put Luke into a coma like state. He pulled at Skywalkers soul trying to kill the Jedi. Dorrsk 81 and the other trainees used their skills to kill off Kun and bring Luke back. They then brought Kyp back to the Light Side.
Dorrsk 81 became a Jedi Knight along with Kyp Durron. During a battle against the thought to be dead Admiral Daala he tried to warn his planet of an invasion when traced their by Daala's fleet. He had gone to Khomm for protection after a spy attempt on Daala had gone bad. Durron and Dorrsk 81 both left Khomm for the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. After they arrived Daala attacked the planet. Knowing they would be destroyed without help, the trainees looked to Dorrsk and Kyp for advice. In an attempt to throw Daala's fleet out of space, which worked, Dorrsk 81 became overcome with so much Force energy that he literally became burned inside out. He was unable to survive.

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