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Callista lived on the world of Chad. Her family herded sea cows along the Algic Current. Callista had always had Force powers but was never aware of them. Then one winter she unexpectedly used them to free herself from a floe of pack ice. Later on she met Geith who was also strong with the Force. Both set out to find the Emperor's new weapon, the Eye Of Palpatine. Both died while trying to destroy it. Callista did not let herself die, though. Through the Force she was able to reside in the weapons computer system. She allowed no one access to activate the weapons systems. The project was soon abandoned.
Years later Luke Skywalker found the weapon and set out to destroy it. He was accompanied by Cray Mingla and Nichos Marr. On the ship Luke could sense a prescence. He was unable to communicate to Callista until she appeared in the computer systems. She apologized to him for not destroying the weapon years in advance. Callista explained the weaknesses of the station to the Jedi. In order to destroy terrible weapon, one of the Jedi would have to die. Nichos volunteered and his fiance Cray would not let him go alone. Luke was upset that he would have to destroy the ship, Callista and two students. He and C3-PO jettisoned on a shuttle and were picked up by Mara Jade. When the station was destroyed Mara picked up another lifeform on her scanners. Welcoming the pod everyone expected to find Cray. They did but it was not Cray. Remarkably Callista and Cray were able to move Callista's prescence from the ship into Cray's body using the Force, leaving Cray's escence behind with Nichos. Luke and Callista were finally together.
During the transformation Callista had lost her Force abilities. Luke was determined to help her regain them. He took her to vacation areas so they could spend time figuring out a way to get her back in tune with the Force. When Admiral Daala returned from the dead, Luke and Callista went to protect the Jedi praxeaum. Callista knew she was dragging Luke down. She wanted to get away so she could regain the Force on her own. To her, only when she was a Jedi again would she be able to stay with Luke. Callista took a tie fighter and went aboard Daala's Super Star Destroyer. She was able to blow the engines apart and send the ship hurling into the big gas planet of Yavin. Before hand she met with Daala. The two of them battled. Daala won and escaped. Luke could have sworn Callista had been killed in the explosion. Weeks after the battle Luke got a disturbing letter from Callista. She had escaped the destructive battle and had been hiding out. She explained that when she regained her Force powers she would return to Luke, but only when the Force flowed through her freely again.

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