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Jacen and Jaina Solo

Jacen and Jaina Solo are the twin children of Leia Organa and Han Solo. Before birth they had been recognized by their mother to have extreme power in the Force. After birth the twins were protected by three Noghri assassins and a woman named Winter. During this time the battle between Thrawn and Joruus C'Baoth was beginning. After the newly arisen threats were stopped, the twins were moved to a world called New Alderaan. Their the twins were raised by Winter. The planet was soon attacked by the Emperor's Clones and everyone had to be evacuated. The twins and Winter headed to Nespis VIII. There little Anakin Solo was born. When Leia and Han relocated to Coruscant the children were moved to Anoth. The system was virtually unknown except to Admiral Ackbar, Luke Skywalker, and Winter. When the Solos visited their children they were even hidden from the location. At two years old the twins were moved to Coruscant. They were a handful for C3-PO, Chewie and their parents. Many times they would play jokes on their protocol droid companion.
When they went to Yavin four to visit their Uncle Luke they ran into trouble. Luke had been lying in a sort of coma. Through the Force he told the twins to relay warnings of Exar Kun to the Jedi trainees. The trainees came together in an exceptional way and destroyed Kun.
At five years old the twins were kidnapped by Lord Hethrir who was determined to train them as Sith. The twins were rude to their new master and used the bond they had through the Force to cleanse theirselves of the Dark Side. They helped others escape when Hethrir was eaten by Waru on the Crseith Research Station.
As they grew older the twins appeared to have remarkable Force abilities. Jacen was able to communicate with odd animals. Jaina became an exceptional mechanic, who if given enough time could invent a part for anything. In their teens the children were finally able to train at the Jedi school. They immediately befriended Tenel Ka and Lowbacca who were two other young trainees.
One day the twins and their friends found a crashed Tie fighter in the jungle. The pilot was still alive though. When Jaina fixed the fighter the pilot captured the children. The pilot soon took off leaving the twins to die in the jungles. But they were soon rescued by Han, Chewie, Lowie, and Tenel Ka. A few weeks later the twins were visiting Lando Calrissian. At his Corsuca mining station a fleet of Imperial Skipray Blastboats and assault shuttle attacked. They were led by a Dathomirian Nightsister. She planned to turn the twins and their brother Anakin to the Dark Side. The children were taken to the Shadow Academy and were separated. They only saw each other during their lessons. Jaina was able to open her cell door using the Force. She freed Jacen and Lowbacca who had also been captured. When they got to the landing bay they were in time to find out that Luke and Tenel Ka had just arrived to rescue them. They all escaped on the Shadow Cruiser.
The children grow strong in the Force continually. Day by day they begin to realize how much danger they are in at this stage in their training. Still Jacen is eager to train with a lightsaber and Jaina wants to pilot vehicles. Both are eager to become Jedi.

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