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Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker was purchased by Gardulla the Hutt at the approximate age of three. The slave traders implanted a tracking device in Anakin and his mother Shmi Skywalker. Should they have ever escaped the Hutt they would have been blown to bits. When Gardulla lost a bet on the Mos Espa Pod Races the Hutt had to give up Shmi and Anakin to a toydarian junk dealer named Watto. The toydarian found that Ani was extremely good at fixing machinery, finding parts, and making deals with the local traders.

One day Ani was told to take a pod racer for a test spin. In the process Watto found out that Ani was extremely good piloting the racer. That is when the dealer made Ani his own pilot and put him in the local races. Soon enough Ani grew in fame. He was the only human known to be piloting pods at the time. When Qui-Gon Jinn and his Jedi padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi landed on Tatooine they were in desparate need of help. Young Ani offered his assisstance to the Jedi and the Queen, Padme Amidala, whom the Jedi were protecting. In a race that changed Ani's destiny the young slave won his freedom along with the parts the Jedi needed for their ship.

After winning his freedom Anakin went to Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi by Kenobi. The young apprentice also developed a childhood crush for the Queen whose planet, Naboo, the Jedi were trying to save. As Skywalker trained many of the other Jedi saw that he was reckless. They saw him as a way towards imbalance rather than towards balance in the force. Anakin became a great amount of trouble for Kenobi to deal with as well as being a gifted Jedi.

Kenobi soon became Ani's mentor and both were soon attending missions together. The first was to find out information on the cult leader Kad Chun. Then the Jedi went to Zonama Sekot. Kenobi became disturbed on this mission when Anakin killed a blood carver using a burst of the dark side. After this mission Skywalker constructed a lightsaber on llum. Krayn, a slave trader, was soon being sought by the Jedi Council. When Ani and Kenobi went to take Krayn down Kenobi saw his next disturbing incident. Anakin stabbed the trader in the heart using childhood memories to act out upon the man. The young Jedi was moving closer to the dark side.

Anakin's first solo mission came ten years later. He was assigned to protect Senator Padme Amidala. He accompanied her to Naboo, where soon enough his old love for Padme sprang back up. Anakin was up at night all the time dreaming about his mother on Tatooine. Padme and Anakin traveled to Tatooine to see if they could stop his nightmarish dreams. Anakin arrived and found his mother at a Tusken Raider camp. She had been tortured and only lived for seconds after Anakin found her. Angry and feeding on the dark side Anakin killed all of the camp's inhabitants.

After Anakin's outburst Padme took him to Geonosis to help rescue his mentor, Kenobi. Kenobi had been captured by the Geonosians and had sent for help. Count Dooku, the ringleader on Geonosis, captured Anakin and Padme also. The three were sentenced to death. In a fight against a reek, acklay, and nexu the trio escaped to find other Jedi in their midst. Anakin and Obi Wan cornered Count Dooku in a hangar. There they found themselves overpowered in a ligthsaber battle with Dooku. After overthrowing Kenobi, Dooku took Anakin's right arm and then escaped.

After the crippling battle with Dooku, Anakin married Padme and recieved a new robotic arm. Years later Anakin had a drastic life changing accident. It left him wearing an evil looking armor as well as wearing a life support system. This caused Anakin to quit being a Jedi and to become Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith, as well as Emperor Palpatine's aid.

Vader and Palpatine set out to destroy all of the Jedi. They succeeded in killing all but two. The Jedi Masters Kenobi and Yoda escaped the evil lord's wrath. Vader recieved help from the Nogrhi and the Firrerreos. He used the Noghri as his own personal assassins. As the Emperor's aid, Vader required few things. He had few get aways on Coruscant and Vjun. What Vader really desired was to serve the Empire and rule over his subordinates. The Falleen Prince Xizor gained an extreme hatred for Vader. On the Falleen planet Vader's scientists accidently released a deadly biological agent. The agent killed thousands of Falleen imbedding a hatred into Xizor.

After the next few years, Vader encountered a thief named Princess Leia Organa. She had stolen plans of the newly designed Death Star super weapon. Vader captured the Princess and interrogated her. Two men by the names of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo stumbled upon the Death Star and rescued the Princess. With them was the old Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi. While his companions escaped, Kenobi fought his old padawan. Vader struck the old man down while Solo and Skywalker escaped with Organa. Shortly after Skywalker returned to destroy the Death Star. Vader sensed his prescence and escaped the attack on the super weapon in his Tie Advanced fighter. Vader found his way back to the Empire and learned that Skywalker was his son. Immediately he began planning how to capture Skywalker. Once turned to the Dark Side they could rule the galaxy as father and son.

Vader found the rebels on Yavin and launched an attack on them. The rebels were able to evacuate. Vader kept looking for the rebels. He soon found them on Mimban. Vader hurried there to fight Skywalker and the rebels. Kenobi's spirit fought through the young farm boy and cut Vader's arm off. Vader had lost his prey again. After finding the rebels at Hoth, Vader went to Grand Admiral Thrawn for help in attacking Black Sun, Prince Xizor's corporation. Thrawn agreed and recieved the use of the Nogrhi in return. Soon after the Empire located the Rebel heroes on Cloud City, Bespin. Vader captured Han Solo and fought his son on this occasion. Luke lost his arm and his father's lightsaber before he escaped. The dark lord recovered his son's arm and his old lightsber. He then gave them to the Emperor for his trophy room on Wayland.

Vader finally became even angrier with his Falleen enemy when Xizor tried to kill Luke Skywalker. In revenge Vader destroyed the Prince and his skyhook. No one was to mess with Skywalker before Vader got a chance to attempt to turn his son. Vader and Skywalker had their last confrontation on the second Death Star. The two fought in front of the Emperor. The Emperor taunted both of the fighters. When Luke cut off his father's arm the Emperor told Luke to finish the job. Luke could not kill his father. The Emperor attacked Luke with a lightning storm. When Luke refused to kill his father, Anakin came back to the light side of the Force. As the Emperor attacked the young Jedi, Anakin picked his old master up and threw him into one of the Death Star's many power cores. The Emperor's wrath had been ended.

Anakin had been saved from the Dark Side. While looking at his son he could not continue living. Anakin died in his son's arms on the Death Star. Luke took his body to Endor and gave him a Jedi burial. Right after his burial, the father of Luke and Leia appeared to his children then disappeared forever.

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