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The December News Archive

Fan Club Membership Kits

Fan Club Membership Kits will be arriving in mail boxes soon so keep your eyes on that box. The kit will include a Bantha Tracks patch, Attack of the Clones mini-standee, letter from George Lucas, galactic travel postcards and stickers, letter from Lisa Stevens the President of the Fan Club, and a membership card. For more information visit Star Wars.

Nick 12/21/02

Adi Galli

Our Adi Galli page has just been finished and added to the site. Information on our character pages will be updated as we get more on the characters life as books etc are published. If you see something missing and think we should add it to one of our pages, please email us at JAA.

Nick 12/21/02

Real Stand

For all you collectors out there that need stands for you loose figures head over to Real Stands. Stands are on sale, 50% off right now. This is an excellent deal. Head over while it lasts.

Nick 12/21/02

Lego Update

Lego will be releasing new Star Wars sets in 2003. They are
Jabbas Message
Jabbas Prize
Jabbas Palace
T-16 Skyhopper
TIE Bomber
Geonosian Fighter
Soon to come are the Lego mini sets also. Star Wars Insider subscribers hopefully you did not forget to apply for your free mini lego set.

Nick 12/21/02

Star Wars Galaxies Wallpaper

New Star Wars wallpapers are available at Lucas Arts. The wallpapers are based on the new Star Wars Galaxies Game. They come in Republic and Empire themes.

Nick 12/21/02

Lucas Films Company Cards

Star Wars has posted three new Lucas Film Christmas cards for this season. Check them out at Lucas Company Greetings 2002.

Nick 12/18/02

Grand Slam XI

Grand Slam XI The Sci Fi Summit will be held at the Pasadena Center located at 300 E. Green St. Pasadena, Ca. The event will be during March 28 through the 30 from noon to 6 P.M. The event will feature:
Carrie Fisher
Billy Dee Williams
David Prowse
Kenny Baker
Peter Mayhew
Jeremy Bulloch
Warrwick Davis
Garrick Hogan
Margo Apostolos
Mike Quinn
Maria De Aragon
David Barkley
And many more.

Nick 12/18/02

Life Size Yoda Bronze Statue

There is a life size Yoda statue being made out of bronze. 30 copies are being produced. The statue is selling for $15000, if only some of us had the money. Those of you that are interested check out the last Star Wars Insider. Or email the designer himself at Bronzeyoda.

Nick 12/18/02

Insider #64

The new Star Wars Insider is out. It features:
A holiday gift guide
Star Wars Imax Experience
Ben Burrt Interview
Gunships and Gondolas: The vehicles of Episode 2.
Emissary of the Void: the Final Chapter
Inside Industrial Light and Magic
Prequel Update
Comics Link- Star Wars Jedi
Bookshelf- Boba Fetts Greatest Hits
Gamescape- Star Wars Galaxies Update
Plus much more

Nick 12/05/02

Jedi Academy Archives

We are looking for any news that you may find interesting or important. If you find anything please send it in to the link above. Also the JAA is looking for new members to our message board the JAA Holoprojector. Please stop by and register for a membership. First you have to be a member of ezboard which is free and easy just follow their instructions. Then go to the JAA Holoprojector and try to post a message, ezboard will redirect you to a registration link. Just register and whalla you will be able to join in the galactic conversations. JAA will also be adding an Adi Galli page, the link is currently out of order, sorry, and a fan art page along with more character info pages. If you have fan art please send a picture in to the news link above. May the Force be with you!

Nick 12/04/02

Burnout PC

Burnout PC has a post about a Darth Vader PC. This is awesome. Check it out at Articles- Darth Vader PC. I have never seen a PC like this. It is built out of a Don Post Studios Darth Vader Helmet and may I say that the creator, Chris, did an excellent job.

Nick 12/04/02

Optical Printer Treasure

Ebay has an optical printer for auction. Guess what?! It is the same printer that composited all of the 365 Vita Vision composites for A New Hope. The reserve is no yet and the auction ends Dec-04-02 18:39:41 PST. Hurry on over to Ebay for this piece of beautiful history.

Nick 12/04/02

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