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Emperor Palpatine

Palpatine came from the backwater world of Naboo. He was extremely in to politics. Early on he found that political bodies could be corrupted. Partnerships could be made to be manipulated with the right motivation. Palpatine wrote political essays while he was in office. Most people from Palpatine's world left office at the age of twenty. Palpatine remained in office for years and was elected to represent Naboo in the galactic senate. As a newcomer he was expected to be overwhelmed in the senate. His peers underestimated his power as a politician though. Palpatine became one of the strongest most influential senators in the galactic senate.

Palpatine rarely attended social events. He mainly kept to himself unless he was working. At work he created many alliances. Some of whom were Commander Screed of the Republic Judicial Department, Jedi Master Jorus C'Baoth, and leaders of the Caamasi. He had allies in almost every organization within the Techno Union to Freedom's Sons. His two most important allies and assisstants were Sate Pestage and Kinman Doriana. Sate and Kinman kept Palpatine's schedule and completed his dirty work.

Palpatine attended a trade summit on Eriadu six months before the Battle of Naboo. He was there to discuss a proposal to tax shipping lanes. Palpatine wanted the tax passed and had pushed Chancellor Valorum to do so. At the summit non nemoidian members of the Trade Federation were assassinated. Nute Gunray gained control of the Federation after this incident.

On Naboo, Queen Amidala took over King Veruna's throne after he was assassinated. Veruna had a close working relationship with Palpatine. When the Queen went to Coruscant for help against the Trade Federation blockade around Naboo, the senator manipulated her to get Cahancellor Valorum thrown out of office and to take the position. Palpatine took the position with a take charge attitude. Many senate members disliked him because his reforms lacked strength. He gave the Trade Federation a slap on the wrist for their blockade, ordering them to partially disarm. Palpatine was reelected for a second term as chancellor. He was able to stay in office even longer by agreeing to deal with Count Dooku's seperatist movement. He would then retire from office.

The Confederacy had created an army to fight the Republic. Soon enough the senate urged Palpatine to take emergency actions and create an army to protect the Republic. In an act called the Military Creation Act Palpatine agreed to take over dictorial powers. His only condition was that he would be allowed to retire in peace once the seperatist problem had ended. Palpatine did not plan to retire though. He used the Clone Wars to gain even more control. Soon enough he declared himself Emperor and began creating a powerful army of stormtroopers and Star Destroyers. A Jedi named Anakin Skywalker had been watched by Palpatine for years. When Anakin renounced his old life and renamed himself Darth Vader, he pledged his service to the Emperor. The Emperor and Vader were still overseen by the Senate. In response they kept their greatest projects secret.

Sate Pestage was named the Emperor's Grand Vizier. He helped create the Emperor's New Order and instuted the High Human Culture concept. This concept led to the enslavement and persecution of many alien species. Where found, the Emperor exploited great talents. He took the alien Mitth'raw'nuruodo and turned him into the later feared Grand Admiral Thrawn. The Emperor ruled from Coruscant but created a vacation home in the Core worlds. He had immigrants transported to Byss in the Core systems. There he fed off of them through the dark side. The Emperor also had other force sensitive beings under his command while ruling with Darth Vader. Those beings included Jedi hunting Inquisitors, mages and hands. Jerec, Kadann, and Mara Jade represented those classes.

Palpatine used clones to keep from suffering the physical effects of the dark side. He would transfer his conscienceness into clone bodies in order to protect himself. He created clone facilities on Byss, Coruscant, and in Mount Tantiss on Wayland.

The Emperor worried little about the Rebellion. He thought about them like they were pesty insects. After disbanding the senate he thought he would be able to rule for a thousand years without interference. The Emperor then began to approve projects like the Death Star. the Emperor was wrong thinking the Rebels were not a threat. After the Death Star was complete the Rebellion destroyed the super weapon by a flaw in one of the exhaust ports. The Emperor was furied and ordered that another station be built without any flaws. During this time he ordered the construction of the flagship Eclipse. The Emperor also used Vader as a pawn in a game. He would pit Vader against Prince Xizor of the Black Sun corporation. Vader and Xizor hated each other. The Emperor enjoyed watching the two fight. His game ended when Vader vaporized Xizor on one of his skyhooks.

After Xizor the Emperor had planned to replace Vader with a stronger sith lord. He wanted Vader's son Luke Skywalker to join him on the dark side. Palpatine underestimated Luke and his father. During a fight between Vader and his son, Vader returned to the light side of the Force. While Palpatine attacked Luke, Vader picked up his master and threw him into the Death Star's power core. The Emperor had been killed in body but not in spirit.

The Emperor's spirit traveled back to Byss and took over one of the clones. He waited with World Devastators and his remaining Dark Side Adepts for the right time to attack. After the fall of Grand Admiral Thrawn the Emperor renewed allegiances with various Imperial Fleet commanders. He then launched an attack from the Deep Core.

Palpatine's dream of turning Luke Skywalker almost came true when Skywalker went to the Emperor. He turned to the dark side hoping to defeat Palpatine from within the dark side. Skywalker almost fell completely to Palpatine but was saved by his sister, Leia Organa Solo. As brother and sister the two defeated the Emperor turning a lightning storm back on Palpatine.

Palpatine survived once again taking control of another clone. He used the superweapon named the Galaxy Gun to run terror throughout the galaxy. Due to tampering his clone body was dying. He hoped to transform his conscienceness into Skywalker blood to keep on living. Palpatine therefore sought out young Anakin Solo. When Palpatine tried to take the child on Onderon, Han Solo shot him dead. The Jedi Empatojayos Brand then bound the Emperor's life essence to his as he passed into the light side of the Force. Brand ensured that the Emperor would not be able to return again.

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