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Saesee Tiin

Tiin is a telepathic Iktotchi from Iktotch. He was trained by Master Omo Bouri. A decade before the Battle of Naboo, Bouri died. Tiin decided to devote himself to the Jedi in order to learn how to communicate with his dead master. Saesee Tiin never had a padawan, he was a loner. Mace Windu questioned Tiin's real value as a Jedi. The Iktotch had rarely contributed to any of the Council discussions. Tiin had his own starfighter given to him by a grateful Coruscant diplomat. It was a customized SoroSuub Cutlass-9 named the Sharp Spiral. He was an expert pilot. Tiin was also the contact between the Jedi and Freedom's Sons, a group that helped the Jedi Knights on various projects.

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