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Cave Of Knowledge

"Die, Jedi Dogs!"

In Episode II AOTC C-3PO states "Die, jedi dogs!" during the Arena Battle. He does not yell "Die, Jedi Die!" The statement 3PO makes about dogs may come as odd to many. Dogs actually do exist in the Star Wars Universe. In the Star Wars novel Luke goes to tell his friends about a space battle over Tatooine. When Luke rushes into the Tosche station a description is given of a dog barking in the distance outside of Anchorhead. Then, Luke Skywalker thought about a past dog when he flew away from Mos Eisley in the Millenium Falcon. Also in Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon, Lando tells of a dog he onced owned and was run over by a hovercraft.

Corellian Bloodstripes

A Corellian Bloodstripe is an award from Corellians. The stripe is three centimeters wide, a broken stripe, and sewn to the trousers of the awarded. The stripe comes in two class. The first class, a red stripe, is almost impossible to obtain. The second class, a yellow stripe, is extremely difficult to obtain; although not as difficult as the first class stripe. Han Solo recieved the first class red Corellian Bloodstripe from the people of his home world. The reason for Han Solo recieving the first class stripe is unknown. Han Solo wore these stripes for a while. When identified by a bounty hunter, Solo decided to remove the Bloodstripes and switch to the lesser second class yellow Bloodstripes. The second class stripes were given to Solo for an event involving a Wookie but little is known of the incident.

Jabba's Tattoo

Jabba the Hutt wears a tatoo on his right arm. The tattoo is the mark of Jabba's clan, the Desilijic. The Desilijic tattoo is made of yoro root pigment.
*The tattoo can be seen in the original movies. However, in A New Hope Special Edition, the does not yet wear the tattoo. Whether the Hutt just did not have the mark yet, or missing the tattoo was a movie mistake, is unknown.

Zam Wessel- First Encounter

Zam Wessel is a Clawdite. There are few Clawdites in the galaxy, therefore many of the galaxies peoples would describe Zam Wessel of being a different species. They would describe her as a Shi'ido. The Shi'ido are shapeshifters just like the Clawdites. Clawdites are the best shapeshifters in the galaxy though. Zam could morph into any species she pleased.
In Attack Of The Clones we first notice the truth about Zam Wessel in the speeder chase. Or did you? During the speeder chase, Anakin climbs to the top of Zam's speeder. Zam notices Anakin on top of the roof and looks up. For a brief second Zam's left side is shown. However, the shapeshifter is not in the form of a human for that brief second. For that brief second Zam is in her natural Clawdite form. Pay close attention during the speeder chase to notice this little quirk of the movie.

Nute Gunray

Nute Gunray is the viceroy of the Trade Federation. After the blockade on Naboo, Nute gunray was taken to trial. After Four trials the Nemoidian was never kept from his position as viceroy. The Supreme Court ordered the viceroy to surrender their war materials and stop expantion of the Federation army. Years later the Republic finds out that Nute Gunray did not comply to the court's order. How come the Republic did not know before hand? The Senate ordered the Jedi not to investigate the Trade Federation for compliance to the Court's orders. The Senate believed that if the Jedi investigated the economy would suffer dangerously.

Two Hutts

In the boonta Eve podrace, Jabba the Hutt sits up on a balcony. Right behind him is another Hutt. This Hutt is in fact Gardulla the Hutt. gardulla the Hutt owned Anakin and Shmi Skywalker before Watto gained ownership. The Hutt was one of Jabba's special guests at the race.

Energy Matrix

In A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber tends to break to Darth Vader's lightsaber when they come in contact. Vader's lightsaber uses red crystals, which the Sith prefer. These crystals are more powerful then the normal Jedi lightsaber. In the battle between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kenobi's lightsaber is almost destroyed. Vader's saber almost overloads the Jedi's energy matrix. Wow!

A Wampa Versus a Life Form Indicators

Luke Skywalker uses an LFI (Life Form Indicator) unit while patroling around Hoth. The indicator does not pick up the Wampa's heat signature. Wampas have evolved on Hoth for many years. The creatures evolved to possess a coat of fur which is extremely efficient insulation. These heavy coats of fur do not allow heat to escape. because of the Wampa's heat control, Luke almost became a frozen human popsicle.

Droid Titles

Droid names seem to be short right. Wrong. A droid's name is actually part of a longer serial number. For example, on Queen Amidala's ship, in Episode I, there is an R5 unit. The R5 unit is named G8-R3. Except the true name of G8-R3 is actually R5-X41238-G8-R3-3124-D2. Even though a droid has a serial number name, many owners personalize their droids. Corran Horn's astromech is named Whistler. Dexter Jettster's droid is named Flo.

Life To Death To Life Again

In Episode 1 during the Boonta Eve race there is a mistake on who survives this race. At the end six racers are left.

Aldar Beedo
Ebe Endocott
Elan Mak
and Boles Roor
Race records show that Clegg Holdfast actually finished last. In the movie his racer was set a flame by Sebulba and destroyed. Mawhonic and Teemto Pagalies are seen having their pods destroyed along with them. Funny thing is they show up in the later Vinta Eve Harvest Classic Race shown in "Emissaries to Malastare". Who knows, maybe those who are seen surviving the race actually died during it.


Aqualish Bleeder

A lightsaber is made so that when it cuts someone it leaves no blood. The blade burns veins, arteries, etc shut. In A New Hope, Ponda Baba has his arm chopped off by Obi-Wan. The peculiar thing is that the arm bleeds. Now all the other cuts in the movies have no apparent blood flow. Lukes arm, Qui-Gon's chest, and the wampa on Hoth lightsaber attacks are all correct.
Star Wars Insider Issue #59 addressed this subject along with the Life To Death To Life subject. They could not give an explanation as to why Baba's arm bled. It could have been a movie mistake, part of Aqualish phsyiology or blood chemistry, maybe that no two wounds are alike, and then there is the question of Obi-s cut. Maybe he cut in a slightly different way. We may never know the real truth behind the Aqualish Bleeder.

Viewer response/explanation: "While the wounds are carterized, this limb does fall to the floor and, if I am not mistaken, the severed arm is the only thing in the shot. An easy explanation for the blood, in my opinion, is that the wound, especially a fresh wound, could easily be reopened when the arm hit the floor."-Spongy Tom

Padme's Tricked Out Ship

In AOTC when Padme retransmits Obi-Wan's signal to Coruscant she hits a particular button. When she shows Anakin where Geonosis is located she hits the exact same button and it performs a totally different action. What really happened, and what is not shown, is that Padme had a shift key held down to make the particular button perform another function. It is one of her many shortcuts within her senatorial ship.

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