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 November 5th 2002: 10:00 P.M.

"I swear to God if you're gay don't sleep in my bed. This is my victory bucket." I figured this quote qould be good to start my update. I had this sweet dream that I was killing people, but a coat attacked me on a mo-ped. Im not even making this up to be stupid or anything, im so serious. The fucker rode towards me, flipped out and turned into a bus, and I fought it, then I woke up in a puddle of my own semen. I realy hate #108 and 109. Added new convos, hare-raising!

 October 8th 2002: 10:31 P.M.

I'd rather witness the revival of hair on an obese womans pubis while she rubs herself in a moist liquid containment unit than update this site. Oh fuck..

 September 16th, 2002 : 1:56 P.M.

I woke up today. I found myself in the closet, it's like a saying once said. There's a sick Korn concert coming up, I hope to get tickets for it. I fucking love them, and they are awesome live. I found something orange but I forgot where I left it.

"Ooh, I sure do love plastic accessories!"
 September 14th, 2002 : 11:54 A.M.

 September 9th, 2002 : 8:34 P.M.

What's up, bonediddleys? It's cool because I'm fucking swamped with homework. I have a neat two page essay due tomorrow. I updated this page but it got deleted or something so yeah.

 August 21st, 2002 : 11:08 P.M.

No news is good news. I couldnt believe when I heard the President had been shot, it freaked me out. I was asking myself all day "are we safe in the country?". I added more convo's shithead, #105,106,107, so check em out.

 August 15th, 2002 : 12:46 A.M.

Sometimes dumb things just seem like the right thing to do. I seriously hope you die. :) <3

 August 10th, 2002 : 1:49 A.M.

Well, I'm actually up early, thanks to the lovely Maine. It was a great vacation, as I thought it would be. The beautiful landscapes and wonderful villages. Standing outside a string of stores for 4 hours while your family shops, it's all priceless. Quality time spent with the family in the fabulous places dignify the bright golden part in my life, the wonderful righteous cause known as "fun" and described as "family fun time". It's a glorious sight indeed, to see brethren alike galloping in the frosty fields of northern Maine, loving just the simple things in life. Taking what the need, yet needing what they take, it's truely a utopia. Right after God said "Let there be light." he said "Let there be fun!" and he pointed to the fantastic state we now know as Maine. Anyway, until next time, fuck off.

 August 3rd, 2002 : 1:49 A.M.

It's yet another installment of "I can't fucking get to sleep". Two days until Maine! It's like Disney World took a fucking shit up north and left plenty of goodies and trinkets named the good old state of "Maine". It'll be loads of fun, i'll get to see various foliage, the natives and plenty of lobsters. Not to sound too stereotypical, but what's up there? Tree's and lobsters is what I've heard.

Mullet baby becomes jovial at the sight of joyous Maine!

In other news, I've added 3, yes 3, new convo's! They all suck their individual bags of dick, but what can you do. Also, if you can't read some of them, right click and select "Select All Text". That should be all until next time, I hope you face a nocturnal death.
 August 1st, 2002 : 2:16 A.M.

Heyy, it's August. I greet this month with a big frosty mug of i don't give a fuck. I can't get to sleep as usual, which sucks. I just had the greatest idea for a sandwhich. I call it The Pepperoni Sandwhich. You put pepperoni on bread. It's really good for a late night snack, I just enjoyed a plateful of success. I decided to check out my horoscope since i'm an avid believer in astrology and Miss Cleo.

Cancer: (June 22—July 22) You contract Cancer and die a slow horrible death.

Fitting, no? Death is in everyones future, so whynot mine.
Well, it's finally August, the month of reckoning, as God would say. I have reached 100 conversations and i'd be spinning in my grave right now, if I were dead. But i'm not, so the least I can do is nothing because nothing is the least anyone can do at any given moment, so when people say "the least i can do is..." the next word out of their moist orifice better be nothing.

I've been in my house for the last week due to house arrest. Drinking some fine diet coke that tastes like cobwebs and eating random meats i find lying around is what I do best. I was thinking how it would be cool for The Red Scare to be happening now, people could point out anyone they hated and call them a communist. It would solve a lot of domestic disputes.

To end this update, here's a picture of a cat I hate.

 July 29th, 2002 : 6:00 P.M.

Hey, I just woke up and i'm still tired. I found this question thing and I figured whynot fill it out, I mean the hours of fun and excitement ahead of me can wait a few minutes while I mindlessly fill out a questionaire about myself, I can push back the extremities of my quasi-exciting life for a little bit, no?

full name: Louis "Felacio" Agoglia
nicknames: Zann The Defender
birthdate: July 22nd, 1986
zodiac sign: The Bull of Defiance
gender: Male
location: Long Island, New York
birthplace: I don't even know.
hair color: dark?
eye color: green?
height: 6'2''
glasses? sometimes
braces? i ripped them off.
piercing? nope
tattoos? nope
best feature? my defined abs and backside. show: The Family Guy
drink: anything non-alcoholic.
magazines: magazines are gay.
place to hang: my bed.
subject in school: Computer Programming
day of the week: Wednesday
fruit: Grapes
veggies: i hate vegetables.
fast food: Subway or McDonalds
restaurant: Bennigans
color: green is nice.
pizza toppings: pepperoni
animals: i fucking hate animals, i'd sooner kill one than harbor a beast in my home.
candy: candy sucks.
band: fall silent, strongpoint, the heist
singer: janet jackson
song: November Confessions - Fall of Icarus, thats a good song, i really don't have a favorite
album: i don't buy albums.
people: people that don't suck.

ever...danced around naked?:sure.
held a weapon?: i've held many things.
committed a crime?: being the sxe kid that i am, crime is not an option.
gotten in a car accident?: if i drove, i would have by now.
ran away from home?: heh, on several occasions.
cheated on a test?:more times than one.
broke a bone?: i think i broke my thumb, but that could have been a dream.
had a medical emergency?: i was pregnant once.

last time you...sang out loud: i dont sing.
screamed?: i dont scream.
ate Chinese food?: i hate chinese food.
watched a cartoon?: a few years ago.
took a picture? i don't take pictures.
talked to a friend? if i had one, i'd probably talk to it.
gotten kissed?: grandma makes her rounds.

do you...have a pager?: no.
have a cell phone?: yeah.
have your own car?: no.
have clothes on right now?: same ones i wear everyday.
Overreact?: i dont think i do.
have any pets?: a pile of shit that i hate.
save e-mails?: i don't get emails, but i wouldnt save them if i did.
smoke?: no.
do drugs?: no.
drink?: of course not.
have a girlfriend?: yep.
have a crush?: hmm.
sleep with lights off?: sometimes.
think you're weird?: no.
have brothers or sisters?: ones that can speak? no.
party a lot?: on occasion i am known to appear at the local box social.
go online?: 50% of my time.
sleep a lot?: the other 50%.
have a job?: no.
shave? everywhere.

what is your most prized possession?: it would be my computer, but it sucks shit, i want a laptop. that would be my most prized possession.
what is the worst song you've heard?: some black girl on mtv.
what is the most embarrassing cd you own?: Porno Party Vol.5
what is the worst thing that have happened to you?: stuff.
what do you do when you're bored?: sleep or go on the computer.
Last movie you saw?: i want to say minority report, but im not sure.
what kind of clothes do you sleep with?: the same clothes ive been wearing for weeks.
what is the first thing you notice about girls?: the two b's, breasts and butts.
what color underwear are you wearing?: it's a weaved thatch.

 July 24th, 2002 : 11:47 A.M.

The other day I picked up a new video card, a CompUSA brand PCI 32 MB card. I know it sucks but what the hell, I just wanted to play Warcraft 3. Speaking of which, everyone should buy this game and sew their soul to each and every peice of it. My WC3 Stats. I suck, but I just got it, so you know. Anyways, I added two new conversations, #96 and #97. Macaroni and Cheese is cooking so I must hurry. To conclude this update, I'll show you this picture of Jon Stewart I found on the web.

I think this guy is awesome, especially on The Daily Show, but he looks so homoerotic in this picture.

 July 21st, 2002 : 11:47 A.M.

I got to have a family party today! Awesome! Speaking of which, fuck you. I'm really glad I have chosen to be straight-edge in this life, because I see the disgusting poisons that people put in their body everyday in the news, on tv, everywhere. It infests the media with evil. Drinking is bottled evil. SxE4Life.

Elsewise, I just came back from a trip I took to Jamaica and I took some pictures.

The breath-taking rock formations took away my breath and wrestled it to a justified existance as my body was penetrated with awe.

Did someone say jutting? Because that's just what this sandbar is doing. Simply marvelous.

As exciting as this pumpkin is, it's nowhere near the extreme vigour realized as I voyaged this marvelous isle.

The main dish of a true Jamaican meal, bull testicles or grapes or something. Delicious as well as appealing to the eyes!

Our hotel room, seen above, had all the latest facilites and provided me with a wonderous sleep.

 July 19th, 2002 : 1:49 P.M.

Something is rotting near me so this whole area smells like ass. I woke up early today and no one was home again, so thats cool. Also, I showered finally after a few day marathon of dirty. That means a clothing change as well. I made some new conversations earlier today, #'s 93,94,and 95. In other news, I'm gay, my dog died, and my uncle has cancer. I'll put the banner for Bill's site at the bottom of the page, but i'll put it here as well for anyone that wants to visit and is too lazy to scroll down.

Until next time, fuck off.

 July 19th, 2002 : 1:11 A.M.

It's late, I'm currently adding all 80 conversations. Today's Friday and if school were in session i'd be happy, but it's not. In summer all the days seem to meld together, it's weird, just yesterday it was Monday or something. There are 95 total. Numbers 85-95 were added today, the rest are from the old page.

 July 18th, 2002 : 11:01 P.M.

I re-modelled the conversation page a bit thanks to Bill. He coded this piece. I made the sidebar image from a game I played called Brandish. The game sucked. Anyway, the conversations are to the right.

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