Title of your page Making Kousagi Cry

Twisted Webs Trilogy
By MonlightSonata87

Twisted Webs

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Web of Lies

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Spinning Threads

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PLOT: Serena has fallen in love with Darien. However, there is just one problem: Darien is her brother! What will she do?...and how does an evil Seiya figure into this?
NEW CHARACTERS: Derrick, Seriah, Imit, etc.
LENGTH: 89975 words (Twisted Webs); 47660 words (Web of Lies); 42312 words (Spinning Threads)

COMMENTS: ...Everyone, you know how I despise fanfiction that writes Mamoru as an abusive, evil person? Well, its the same for me when it comes to Seiya Kou. Why? Simple: They're not abusive, evil people. So why do people keep writing them as such?

Actually, I'm just asking a redundant question because I already know the answer. Its all about the ship.

Seriously, that's what its all about in this fanfic. Set up the person who might or might not have a possible romantic relationship with Usagi/Serena that you don't like as a complete and utter asshole who belongs in the first several layers of hell. Their uterus-ripping, wife-abusing eeeeeevil is so potent, it even gets passed down to their children and their children become just as eeeeeeevil as them. The person you like shipping them with, meanwhile, is the better person, if not the perfect person for Serena, who is her tru wub through thick and thin, and of course their children are nice and good.

And never mind the fact that the twu wub couple are technically incestuous. Nope. Seiya is so evil (and also very fully male and a secret rogue agent who somehow can...control the government's response to Serena's attempts to save herself for some reason) that its perfectly fine for Serena and Darien to get together and have babies! Only...not really because they're brother and sister. And everyone is OoC for their ships and--seriously, what the hell!? I may not be a fan of Seiya/Usagi, but...but...this is still not cool!

All I can say is that I'm glad she didn't write another sequel which further desecrates poor Seiya. Both Seiya and Mamoru have suffered enough from being turned into abusive dicks - and frankly so have I and other readers.

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