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Current Events Archives
Date Title Subject
06/08/06 Money for Filth Kevin Smith: 21st Century Liberal
06/05/06 Playing Handyman The KGB Blocks My Air Duct
06/03/06 Drinking After Work A Book, A Teacher, Tequila & Burnt Meatloaf
05/28/06 Mr.Wonderful Accuses Jesus Testifying Against a Burglar
01/28/06 Trends Asks MW 10 Questions An Inebriated MW Bares His Soul
12/22/05 The Infamous Company Christmas Party MW Skips the XMas Party
12/01/05 Message from God Even God Tells Me to Leave
11/11/05 The Turkey & the Green Hornet Idiocy at the H.O.A.
09/20/05 Secure Insects Provide Jobs Bemoaning My Life as a Security Officer
08/22/05 What the Hell ... Why Haven't I Moved on Yet ?!
06/08/05 Not Enough When Security Guards Attack
05/018/05 The Constipation of Inertia Focus on the Future Good Life, Not the
Horrors of the Current Situation
05/05/05 The Stall Writing Your Resumé
04/12/05 The Depression Blaming my Mother
04/06/05 The Search Cement Mixers, Starbucks® & Rattlesnakes
03/31/05 48 Days How Do You Know it's Time ...
03/22/05 Stuck in the Rut The Rat Race without a Finish Line
03/04/05 The Diet Meats Atkins, Salt, Net Carbs & BPH
02/21/05 These Three Things Headaches, Reflux & Farts
02/13/05 Circumcized & Pissed God, Bulldog Sex & Abortion
02/08/05 First Day A Sad Superbowl Sunday XXXIX
12/28/2004 Scared and Stuck My Depressing Job
12/21/2004 "Bah Humbug?" My Depressing Life
12/15/2004 "Happy Holidays!" Newspeak Negates Noun
10/22/2004 No God, My Gawd God pooh poohs Evolution
10/12/2004 Face It Europe Hates U.S. New York Times, Conservative Paper?
09/10/2004 Jeopardy! and Cortislim Income Tax & Fat Fraud
08/08/2004 In Reality, a Beautiful Country But, Liberals Hate America
07/08/2004 Fires Fry Arizona E.P.A. bans Firefighting
06/22/2004 Bassmasters, Jackson and Marion Jones Fish, Phil and Females
06/22/2004 When Doctors Attack Defending Atkins'
05/26/2004 How the Media Fools the Public Illegal's Spending Scam
05/24/2004 Runaway Jury The Right to Bear Arms
05/10/2004 Russert Fires Rumsfeld abu Gahrib "Torture"
04/16/2004 The Apprentice Unreal Reality TV
03/12/2004 Mad Mad House Hope for the 2004 Kerry Kampaign
02/29/2004 The Passion of the Christ MW's Tearful Review
02/24/2004 The Passion and the Temptation My Ticket? $480. Cheap.
02/17/2004 Theophany, Passion & Red Vines MW Meets Jehovah
02/03/2004 Super Bowl Slut Jackson's Pierced Nipple Flash
01/27/2004 Atkins' After an Annum Fifty-Two Pounds Incinerated
01/24/2004 MW Goes Wild at Book Sale $60.54 Buys Back-Braking Box of Books
01/15/2004 AOL Time-Warner Year Three $45,500,000,000 Evaporates
01/01/2004 2004: Lose Weight, Get out of Debt A "How-To" on New Year's
12/24/2003 NyQuil, DayQuil, What's the Difference? Sleeping or Staring through the PM
12/14/2003 Frickin' Frackin' Flu Flu Season 2003
12/4/2003 Book 'em, Danno Books Enrich & Fuel MW's Existence
11/19/2003 Liberalism Invades the Lunchroom Mix it up at Lunch 2003
11/16/2003 Identity Theft KO's Mr.Wonderful Checking Account Number Stolen & Used
10/26/2003 Dr. Dean: Definition of a Liberal MW Differs with Dr. Dean Edell
10/25/2003 Blood, Bruises & Brake Marks Kobe Bryant's Favored Treatment
10/21/2003 Cancer, Julia, Delilah, & Mirrors More Fast Blasts on the News
10/13/2003 Fast Blasts Twins, OxyContin & the Rape of Kobe
10/2/2003 Rush, "The Emperor has no Clothes" ESPN, McNabb, Limbaugh & P.O.C.
9/21/2003 Cox Cable Conundrum Trouble Getting my Cox Up
8/22/2003 Unionized Carnies in the Checkout Lane Circus Freaks Scare MW
8/5/2003 Make it Stop, Make it Stop Auto Dealers Bombard Airwaves
7/19/2003 Kobe Bryant Rape Victim Listen to What Mr.Rhythm Says, Kobe
7/12/2003 Calories are Calories Gluttony defeats diet
7/2/2003 Blondes, Kennedy's & Carbs Legally Blonde II & more
6/25/2003 21st Century Untouchables Illegal aliens are forever
6/19/2003 Advertiser's Mostly Lying Promoting weak points
6/12/2003 Depressing Fact About Atkins Low-Carb Diet & depression
6/5/2003 Traffic Tickets It's all about $afe driving debate
4/30/2003 Things I Do Not Miss Losing 50 Pounds
4/28/2003 Saved by Catch-A-Call Telecom Catch-A-Call
4/15/2003 Special Day for the W's Mrs.MW birthday
4/12/2003 Exercise & Diet Does It Atkins' plus exercise
4/3/2003 Dieting with Dr. Atkins Atkins' diet
3/12/2003 Mr.Wonderful Loses Goals for Atkins' Diet
2/10/2003 Amber Alert Heart Skips Amber Alert nonsense
1/26/2003 Dr. Edell, Foreskins ... Evolution & no God
1/20/2003 Anti-SUV Crowd ... SUV vs. space shuttle MPG
1/6/2003 MW a Suspect Osco Breathing machine parts
12/29/2002 Hispanics not Enough Complain not enough media
11/28/2002 Thanksgiving 2002 Loss of freedoms
11/27/2002 Medicare Rx Coverage Exposed Expense of Rx coverage
10/26/2002 DeMedia & Islamic Killer DeMedia ignores Islam
10/24/2002 DC Sniper & Lazy Reporters Copy cat killers
10/11/2003 Hugh Downs Apologizes Liberal drivel
10/04/2002 Fast Blasts from MW Biased reporting & more
9/18/2002 Cap1 Cons Common Man Late fee trick
8/27/2002 KFYI Radio Fixture Falls Bob Mohan vanishes
8/21/2002 Milius Predicts 9/11 Red Dawn foretells WTC
8/15/2002 Bank Reams MW Overdraft fees bleed MW
7/17/2002 MW Fails Urine Test More bullshit
7/16/2002 Doesn't it Make you Mad? Employer drug tests
7/11/2002 Our Sad Public Schools Scottsdale Craparral High
7/8/2003 WC Commits Fraud Worldcom crooks
6/23/2002 AZ Burns, Fed's Shovel Huge forest fires
6/8/2002 MW Threatens Mike Tyson Tyson sneaks in on MC
6/1/2002 Credit Fraud Strikes MW Credit card number stolen
5/20/2002 HQ Beast of the Revelation UN tracking 'criminals'
5/11/2002 NL Assassination & DeMedia 'Right-wing' Pim Fortuyn dies
4/22/2002 Quick takes on Headlines Blake, baseball & weed
3/31/2002 Has Islam been Hijacked? Zero freedoms w/Islam
3/23/2002 Black Oscar Still a Slave? Jewish stranglehold
3/9/2002 Black on White Crime Ft.Worth windshield killer
3/4/2002 Poor Alanis. Poor Julia. Entertainment fakirs
2/24/2002 Sell Your Organs AMA Dr.s for buying organs
1/13/2002 WTC Flag Raising Sculpture P.C. sculpture
11/24/2001 Lighting My Path My life as a security officer
11/5/2001 Do-Gooder Dr's are Dodos Airplane child seats
11/3/2001 Yankees Nominated for Sainthood DBack's vs. Yankees 2001
10/30/2001 Dot-coms Attracted Idiots Webvan Perishes
10/27/2001 Chemical Warfare Roundup Smallpox, Ebola, Marburg ...
10/21/2001 Pacifist Post makes Puke Post blames WTC on U.S.
10/4/2001 Chickens Flying the Flag American's living in fear
9/302001 Flags on the Funeral Pyre Flags on WTC rubble
9/26/2001 Patriotic till it Costs Me Raising the flag
9/18/2001 Different Day, Same Govt. Eyeing Arab American's
9/14/2001 Idea of Safe is Shattered Armed airline passenger
9/13/2001 You Just Bought a Flag? I was patriotic before
9/10/2001 Aye Carumba Dag Nabbitt U.S. Learning Spanglish
9/8/2001 What Would Jesus Drive Biblical proof
8/31/2001 Feds Conspire w/ Banks 5,769% interest
8/30/2001 Honor Roll vs. Honor Roll Grades = public school farce
8/24/2001 Regrets, I have a few 10 Year retirement over
8/15/2001 "Bwaa" Cries the California Subsidized power bills
8/10/2001 MW Dislocates Shoulder Why publish email
7/30/2001 W32.sircam Virus Virus strikes Mr.Wonderful
7/28/2001 Ending of Planet of the Apes Drudge spills the bananas
7/27/2001 MW Faces Polygraph Mandatory test
7/14/2001 Anti-Tobacco Zealots Tobacco Co. feeds 1,000s
7/1/2001 Extinguish that X5 Burning BMW's and more
6/29/2001 Kidd kicked off Sun's Kidd beats wife, loses job
6/28/2001 Illegals make Intersections Illegal & car accidents
6/25/01 Hollywood's Elite eat Tofu Toe-food for Komodo
6/24/01 Froggies, the Water is Tax rebate goes unnoticed
6/22/01 U.S. Exploits Planet 30.2 Acres per citizen
6/19/01 Hypnosis Ruins Dinner Hypnotist at Dinner
6/17/01 Father Remembered Retirement & Alzheimer's
6/13/01 Blockbuster Video thinks $425mm Rebate nonsense
6/12/01 Citizen Killer of 168 Dead IRS suicides mount
06/06/01 Homeless are Helpless 70% of homeless are felons
06/01/01 Cell Phone Songs by Birds mimic cell ring tones
05/31/01 HIV doesn't Cause AIDS Dr. Duesberg says, "No!"
05/26/01 ebay Bidder Assumes Buys empty PSII carton
05/25/01 Sarah-Jessica buys Shoes Manolo Blahnik shoes
05/21/01 BANANA causes Blackout 600% increased costs
05/18/01 A.S.U. Pleads Donations for party school
05/08/01 New Yorkers Live in Fear Whacky Sullivan Law
05/07/01 Space Tourist JPL Scientist Dennis Tito
05/03/01 Libertarian's say Speed Ok Make all drugs legal
04/27/01 Liberal's Hide Assets Oprah's Contract
04/24/01 PT Cruiser Designer Bolts Nesbitt to General Motors
04/20/01 MW Accepts Advertising Babysmasher
04/17/01 Hugh Hefner Pro-Life? Julianne Moore & abortion
04/09/01 Bush Stung by Sting Sting for Kyoto Accords
04/03/01 Chinese Fighter Shot U.S. EP-3E shot down
03/31/01 Bilingual Dreams My Bilingual Dream
03/30/01 Darwin Theory not Evolution can't answer?
03/27/01 Female Fans of Federalized Hacking breasts off
03/23/01 MW Attacks Witness Green card fraud. Surprise!
03/16/01 Empty Wallets do not Make Bad times predicted by MW
03/14/01 Is Jordan Returning? I don't care
03/06/01 INSIDE Exposes IT IT Transport
03/05/01 Freshman Shoots 13 Kills 2 Santee, CA shooting spree
03/02/01 Napster Users May Get Mandragore virus
02/28/01 MW KO'd by Flu Flu flattens MW
02/11/01 MW Forced to Accept Bonsai Kitten
02/03/01 Phoenix Lights Explained? Skycat: massive airship?
02/01/01 J.Kidd Colangelo's Hero Kidd beats P.V. wife
01/27/01 Traffic, it's our Fault Government monopoly
01/24/01 Soon MW Explains California power page link
01/19/01 ssshhhIT? Kamen's mystery scooter
01/12/01 Pussy's! Delivering the Az. Republic
01/09/01 American-African's Dilemma Blacks held back. Why?
12/31/00 NDE Proves Prophetic Your life on a barcode
12/30/00 Computer Attacks Likely DoS attacks on New Year's?
12/29/00 Altruism Makes MW Sick Gave blood, got virus
12/24/00 Ill on Christmas Eve Carolling @ the rest home
12/22/00 Junk Mail Traffic Jam Shrink wrapped Honda's
12/21/00 Sarah & W's Honeymoon Sarah's poor relatives
12/21/00 East Coast Egotism Electoral college challenge
12/19/00 Pro-Sports Reverse Racism 'Too many' minorities is OK
12/15/00 Wealth can buy Time but Working Parents starve kids
12/03/00 Linkzilla KO's Mr.Wonderful Alters bookmark list
11/27/00 FBI's Carnivore Rapacious FBI reading your email
11/20/00 Cost of Incarceration Cheap $40k 'In' vs. $300k 'Out'
11/15/00 MS Cracked by Hackers Troj/Qaz Trojan gets MS
10/31/00 Halloween Hands out Horrors Poisoned & Wrapped
10/16/00 Bus Strike Cripples Illegals City of Phoenix strike
09/13/00 MW Shut Down The End of MW
09/08/00 Queer Statements of Dr. 10% of public school gay?
09/07/00 Lawsuit Fulfills Big Brother Newspeak comes to USA
08/28/00 Celebrity Brush Bruce meets JFK, Jr.
08/27/00 EL feeds Carnivore Finger Earthlink vs. FBI
08/26/00 Liar iVocal voice stress test
08/31/00 Verizon buys Verizon @
08/11/00 Insurance Fraud Nets 2 Years Brian Lamb insurance sales
08/03/00 Erased that Computer File Deleting doesn't erase data
07/31/00 Media Shields Homosexual Mr. Shank & 16 Children
07/30/00 Japan Begins Int. Whale Hunt Rosie into hiding
07/28/00 Dial 1 - 800 Your unlisted number
07/27/00 Big Brother Riding on Your 911 calls tracked to 300'
07/25/00 Air France Concorde Crashes 1970 Airliner into hotel
07/20/00 MW Caught in Phoenix Police Police crossfire
07/18/00 Survivor! Web Page Reveals Final Survivor! revealed?
07/17/00 Water Watch Inflates Egos The fakery of water safety
07/09/00 An Advertising Reminder "Phone calls" are actor's
07/04/00 Oprah From a Distance Bodyguards negate need
06/29/00 Eugene Pulliam Heirs Cash In Az Rep. sold to USA Today
06/28/00 Bites the Burn Burns through $35 million
06/24/00 That's the Way the Monopoly on air travel
06/20/00 Herbalife Founder Mixes ETOH Mark Hughes' suicide
06/17/00 Coast to Coast Facts Unprovable 'facts' used
06/16/00 Advertising's 2 Dirty Little Phone calls by actors
06/08/00 Natural Herbs Dangerous MD: herbs not always safe
06/06/00 MW Full TIme Dad The birthday boy
05/27/00 MW Bitch Slaps Superman Reeve, wear a helmet
05/26/00 If Guns were Made of Exaggerated death count
05/20/00 Newsman Legally Dead Self defense w/o firearms
05/13/00 Illegal's Raping Retailers Plexiglas walls at Mervyn's
05/11/00 Oprah Causes Upchuck Evil Clinton Administration
05/08/00 Jim J. Bullock (RIP) It's ok to spread AIDS
05/08/00 Mexico Sues Az Vigilantes Mexico vs. Az Ranchers
05/02/00 Leno & Reno Attack Amway $4mm a day sold on WWW
4/27/00 Celebrity Bush Brush Bush Sr. @ Ritz Carlton Phx
4/24/00 MW Explodes at Stopping at red lights
04/19/00 Kid's Care Cures All Tobacco Co.'s $ettlement
04/15/00 Consumer Report's Surveys Their annual survey
04/13/00 9th District Court Defending illegal's
04/12/00 E-Mail From the Killing Kozmo: No Harlem deliveries
04/07/00 Places Where Crap is Brooklyn crap-art
04/06/00 Health Insurance on the Net Has large invisible gaps
04/03/00 MW Faces Excommunication CA B.B. nonsense
03/28/00 Dollar Coin for the Dollar Dished at Wal*Mart
03/27/00 Mr.Wonderful Weeps Oscar's 2000 dinner
03/24/00 Shocking Photo of Hillary Hillary, Madeline & Janet
03/22/00 Cybill Shepherd's Sloppy 2nd's Admits threesome
03/19/00 Govt. Attacks Manufacturer's Postal service pollution
03/18/00 Plummeting Piper Costs $10mm JFK Jr. to Bessett's
03/15/00 MW Recants Mass Transit Transit 2000 questions
03/15/00 Ignorant Masses Vote Phoenix 'Light Rail' vote
03/13/00 Pfizer's Pill Dooms Rimaydl Rx = RIP doggie
03/08/00 Katie Couric's Cute Colon On-Air colonoscopy
03/05/00 Hate Crime Law Backfires Black kills 3 Whites
03/03/00 High Prices Ignite Boycott April 7th GASOUT
03/01/00 Grade School Shooting Fallacy of Child Locks
02/27/00 Glassware DEA Deems Illegal The 3-Necked flask
02/25/00 Judge's Gavel Awakens Clinton's legislating
02/24/00 Dynamic Dyke Duo Grammy's lesbian agenda
02/23/00 Federal Employees Sue Complain pensions too large
02/17/00 Grant Woods Exonerates OJ Claims OJ innocent
02/16/00 Harley Riders Switch to Pile 0' Shit Harley's
02/16/00 Liberal Jew Hidden Gun Airport & Heywood's pistol
02/15/00 Az Senators Welcome Millions Licenses for illegal alien's
02/11/00 MW's Defy the Odds 23rd Wedding Anniversary
02/10/00 GW Deals with the Devil Woods & BIA's Babbit
02/09/00 DOS Attacks Knock-Out DOS K.O. Internet
02/04/00 Woods, Babbit Divide AZ Saving Arizona from us
02/04/00 "The Hurricane" Imprisons the Movie less than truthful
02/01/00 Phoenix Best Run City Syracruse Univ. says so
01/31/00 Goldwater vs. Goldwater Susan G. vs. The Institute
01/26/00 Arizona's AIMS Test Misses 92% of students flunk
01/23/00 MW Conquers the Impossible Reloads string trimmer
01/22/00 Barry 'Big Brother' McCaffrey Idiotic P.S.A. commercials
01/20/00 Anti-Gunfire Law a Success Shanon's Law nonsense
01/19/00 Grant Woods Solves Tragic Seton Hall fire
01/14/00 Good News about American History textbooks rewritten
01/13/00 Evil Administration Clinton's side w/Castro
01/11/00 Fuller Brush Introduces Uniform for 21st Century
01/06/00 Illegals Cash In Sue Holiday Inn Express
01/06/00 Knife Spares George Harrison Stabbed by intruder
01/03/00 Lopez Attracted to Puffy Latino women attracted to
01/02/00 Y2K OK So Far Year 2000 uneventful
12/30/99 National Guard Soldiers Neighbor's leave for armory
12/27/99 Phoenix Govt. Heavy Push Light rail train for Phx.
12/22/99 High Explosives Stolen December 13th theft
12/21/99 K-Mart Corporate Offices Big Beaver Road = Rosie?
12/20/99 Y2K Drains Banks of Old fashioned bank run
12/17/99 Grant Woods rejoices Sierra truck lawsuit
12/13/99 Phoenix Sun's Coach Ainge Danny quits, who cares?
12/11/99 Homosexual Sex-Torture Media ignores gay violence
12/05/99 Polar Lander Backer's Climate Orbiter burns up
12/03/99 Judson School Campus Sold Home builder buys landmark
11/24/99 Suicide at Hillsdale College Dr. Roche beds son's wife
11/15/99 NTSB Dumb & Dumbfounded EgyptAir #990 ocean crash
11/11/99 Hull & Haute Monde Study Elites chat on Cardinal's
11/09/99 MW Grills Jumbo Pilot Investigating jumbo jets
11/08/99 Grant Woods Saves 100,000 Lawyer $aves $moker$
10/31/99 217 Die EgyptAir 767 Airliner slams into ocean
10/25/99 Payne Stewart Dies Pilots perish before crash
10/14/99 MW Phone Polled Behavior Research Center
10/11/99 Cartoonist Steve Benson Cop G-son of Ezra Taft Benson
10/05/99 Victoria Jackson of SNL Mancow: Christian Witness
10/05/99 Arizona D-Back's Face NY Mets vs. Diamondback's
10/04/99 NSA Backdoor to Windows Cryptographer spots code
09/30/99 Illiterates Games replace reading
09/27/99 Hillary Rodham Clinton's Hillary's Jewish roots
09/26/99 Reveals Colangelo's AWA Deal Advertising bonus: Premier
09/23/99 MW Federal Grand Jury Drawn for jury duty
09/22/99 MW Gets Personal Letter Senator Kyl writes
09/21/99 Bill Bonanno Reveals French OSS killed JFK
09/20/99 Pornographers Fear Linking Walt Disney pervert
09/16/99 MW's Dine at 5 & Diner Carnies, pigs & the pierced
09/15/99 Limbaugh Quotes Sammy Who benefits gun control
08/30/99 Waco Massacre Tied to Vince Foster suicide
08/28/99 Swedish Lake Monster Storsjodjuret
08/20/99 Who Benefits from Guns & Vanity Fair
8/26/1999 Reno Lied to by FBI Branch Davidian fiasco
Aug. 1999 Dodi Blamed for August 1997 fatal crash
Aug. 1999 NJ Supreme Court B.S. Pedophiles/Scoutmaster's
Aug. 1999 Littleton Co. Staff, Students Photo ID necklaces
Aug. 1999 DC Official Insists Army sensitivity training
7/16/1999 JFK, Jr. Sets Airspeed 534 mph into the ocean