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09/22/99: Senator Kyl Writes MW
09/21/99: Bonnano & JFK Assassin
09/20/99: Naughton, Naughty Boy
09/16/99: Carnies at the 5 & Diner
09/15/99: MW Beats Rush to Gravano
08/30/99: Waco & Foster's Suicide
08/28/00: Storsjodjuret !
08/20/00: Killer Gravano for Gun Locks
September 22, 1999: MW gets personal letter from Sen. Jon Kyl(AZ)
Jr.Senator from Arizona Senator Kyl, one of the few D.C. elites, who has actually shaken the hand of MW AND continues to show up at the same parties, knowing MW will be there, replied to my fax (about high taxes) by attaching a non-form letter to a Xerox of his comments recorded in the Volume 145 of the Congressional Record. Senator Jon Kyl is a good man, keep your eye on him.

September 21, 1999: Bill Bonanno Reveals Who Killed JFK
Bound by Honor: A Mafioso's Story: Click for Info

On the G.Gordon Liddy Show today, Mafioso and author of the new book Bound by Honor, Bill Bonanno, recounts the time he overheard a Mafia hit-man complaining (about the French O.S.S.) "... not picking me up at the river after I backed up the O.S.S. shooter behind the wall ..." 'the wall' on the grassy knoll, in Dallas, Texas. An attempt to sell a book, or the truth?

September 20, 1999: Pornographers Fear Linking to
Mr.Double M The Wall Street Journal reports today that thirty four year old Infoseek executive, Patrick Naughton, who figured prominently in Walt Disney Company's internet plans, was nabbed by the FBI for attempting to obtain nookie from an internet room chatter who repeatedly informed him 'she' was a thirteen year old girl. Many internet pornographers, who currently have their front page "EXIT IF YOU ARE NOT AT LEAST EIGHTEEN," linked to the Walt Disney Company web page, are now wondering if that is such a funny thing to do. See a 13 Year Old temptress

September 16th, 1999: Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful Dine at "5 & Diner"
Ye Olde Diner Mr. Wonderful was surprised at the evening crowd. The morbidly obese, the loud, the obnoxious, the tattooed and the pierced. I swear I even saw some carnies in there! On North Tatum Boulevard! Essentially, what we faced was the Wal-Mart crowd spending the money they had just saved trolling the garbage filled aisles of the world's most popular retailer. Never again.

September 15th, 1999: Limbaugh Quotes 'Sammy the Bull-Gravano'
The Great Rushbie MW noted, while washing the dishes this morning at 9:50AM, Rush Limbaugh paraphrasing the below quote ('Who Benefits from Gun Control?') by Sammy! This quote has been on the MW Current Events Web Page since August. MW is more on top of things than Maha Rushbie.

August 30th, 1999: Waco Massacre Tied to Vince Foster's Suicide?
Webster 'Walrus' Hubbell I'm not Tammy Wynette MW has learned that the Waco ATF/FBI siege situation reports may have been fed to Webster Hubbell who fed Vince Foster who fed Hillary Clinton. Ms.Clinton may have then instructed ATF/FBI personnel as to how to proceed. As you know, Mr.Hubbell has been in jail for a while but still has received hundreds of thousands of dollars for his 'work.' Vince Foster killed himself and then had his office safe rifled by this administration who removed certain documents from his office safe. Mrs. Hillary Clinton, as you will recall, is the most dangerous person on the planet.

August 28th, 1999: Swedish Lake Monster Seen the Storsjodjuret, reports three new sightings of the Great Lake Monster (the Storsjodjuret)described as long and dark, like a snake, with a head like a dog. (Isn't that the description Paula Jones used in court?) Nearly 160 times since 1635 this monster has been seen by inebriated Swedes.

'Buy My Book or I'll Kill You'

August 20th, 1999: Who benefits from 'gun control?'
I quote from an interview with Sammy "the Bull" Gravano in the September 1999 Vanity Fair magazine, page 164, "Gun control? It's the best thing you can do for crooks and gangsters. I want you to have nothing. If I'm a bad guy, I'm always gonna have a gun. Safety locks? You pull the trigger with a lock on, and I'll pull the trigger. We'll see who wins." Sammy has admitted to murdering eighteen individuals (with a gun) and is currently under a not too effective FBI witness protection plan out here in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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