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08/26/99: DOJ Lied To By FBI
August99: Dodi Dinged Diana?
August99: Boy Scouts & Butt-Pirates
August99: Idiotic I.D. Badges
August99: Our Sensitive Army
July1999: JFK, Jr's Speed Record
August 26, 1999: Reno Lied to By FBI
(From Various Sources)
Meano Reno Uses Beano Former WNBA super-star U.S. Attorney General 'Giant' Janet Reno is surprised by statement from the FBI that incendiary devices "may have been used" in the attack on the Waco, Texas Branch Davidian compound in 1993. Go to your
Blockbuster Video and rent the Oscar nominated documentary film Waco: The Rules of Engagement. You decide. If you do not tear-up (like Congressman Sonny Bono did in the film) watching this horrific example of law enforcement gone berserk, you should consider becoming a used-car salesman. You can read about and purchase the video, as any patriot should, at Waco: the Rules of Engagement. You can read more about the making of the video at The Films of William Gazecki website.

August 1999: Dodi Blamed for Crashing Princess Diana Kinetic Energy vs Inbred Royalty
From YAHOO!NEWS!UK-Ireland According to the final report of the car crash of August 31st, 1997, Dodi Al Fayed, over reacted to the attentions of the press the night he and Di smushed into a concrete pillar and died. Did anyone notice that the only survivor of the crash wore his seat belt/shoulder harness? I am still waiting for the toxicological reports on how much alcohol and cocaine was coursing through the veins of the now 'sainted' Diana.
Mohamed Al Fayed Web Site

August 1999: N.J. Supreme Court, "Boy Scouts must accept Butt-Pirates as Scout Masters"
Think about it. Where would a pedophile find easier helpin's? I wish I had the research in front of me, but, I believe that something like 40% of male homosexuals are also pedophiles. This ruling will affect the Boy Scouts in two, both very bad, ways. different 
kind of pirate 1) Fewer parents will risk their kids to go on an outing where weenies could be roasted other than on the campfire. Participation in Scouting will drop. And 2) The Boy Scouts of America will have to bear the brunt of the lawsuits filed by parents whose young men were molested by gay, pedophile Scout Masters.
The AMA changed homosexuality from a disorder to a normality in the 1970s. This was because the board of the AMA at the time consisted of seven members, four of whom were gay. When the 'vote' was taken, the majority came out on top, (tee-hee) hence homosexuality is no longer considered a disorder.

August 1999: Littleton, Colorado. Staff, Students to Wear Photo ID's at All Times
Consider this for a moment: both the spineless shooters were students and they would have been issued and would have presumably been wearing their 'photo ID badges.' Actual ID of Dophin-Nerd Liberals just cannot get it through their tofu immersed brains that evil people will do whatever it takes violate any law, jump every fence, break any window*, to injure, maim and murder. This is especially so if these same evil people are intent on dying themselves.
(* I want to break out singing "Climb Any Mountain" from "The Sound of Music" right about here.)
August 1999: D.C. Official Insists that our Armed Services Undergo 'Sensitivity Training.'
Apparently some male homosexual got his feelings hurt. Maybe he was asked if 'meat pipes' came in menthol too. gay pride symbol Who knows? I can just see it now. In the wars of the future our troops won't be allowed to blast the soldiers of our adversaries until they ascertain (good word, eh?) their sexual preferences.
July 16th 1999: John F. Kennedy, Jr., Sets Air Speed Record for a Piper Saratoga in a Dive

The estimated speed of JFK Junior's, $250,000 Piper Saratoga was 4,700 feet per minute, or 534 mph, prior to impacting with the Atlantic's frothing surface. The manufacturer's listed top speed is only 2,000 f.p.s., or 227 mph which JFK Jr., easily more than doubled. Posthumous congratulations John!
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