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PT Cruiser The Nephew's Car     (More Nesbitt Designs)
May 6th, 2000
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Harley Overload Motorcycles at Anthem, AZ
March 2005
July 2004 Scorpion Attack !
July 2004
February 2004 Frank Lloyd Wright spire FLW & Scottsdale Roads, vehicle accident
February 2004
January 2004 Dead bird, Honda Insight, Avanti 4-door, Jaguar and Mazda RX8
January 2004 Set 2
January 2004 Dead desert body, dead bird, hummingbird in flight
January 2004 Set 1
Pipeline Burst August 2003: Phoenix, AZ gasoline shortage
August 2003

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1953 Corvette What the heck, is that a Corvette ?
September 2002
1953 Corvette Lets take a side view bubba
September 2002
1953/2003 Corvette Here's the butt end ... ?
September 2002
Nissan Gold Nissan 350Z, latest rich-kid lunch-time killer
September 2002
What a pair ! Any girl would be proud of this set
September 2002
Cardinal Bird This cardinal ain't no molester
August 2002
Purple The flower and the cactus
August 2002
Dirty Birds Birds doing it in the gutter
August 2002
Dirty Birds II, the Sequel A more traditional couple
August 2002
Hole Sneeze Hole
August 2002
ET Wonderful Art Bell? Never heard of him
August 2002
Mushroom Head Am I the only one who sees these things?
August 2002
Two of a Kind They grow tall and die
August 2002
Moveable Dish Can't be missing Jeopardy!
August 2002
I Was Seeing Red Red stucco vs. red rocks
August 2002
Grant Woods Slide Patron saint of illegals gains patent
August 2002
Bang, Bang, Bang They shoot illegal aliens don't they?
July 2002
Helicopters Mark the Spot TV helicopters hover like buzzards
July 2002
Antenna Shoots One like this & I could hear KFYI at Pinnacle Peak!
July 2002
Governor Joe Foss Muslim terrorist or WWII hero? you decide!
July 2002
Chernobyl, Still Dangerous Sport loses his hair, Russian chemotherapy style.
July 2002
Twin Flashlites Sport, his own nightlight
July 2002
Avalanche! ... but Pretty Scary
November 2001
Avalanche! Cover your eyes! Detroit can't tell Ugly?
November 2001
Ye Olde Sunset You never get used to them
November 2001
Sunset Redux All is not what it appears to be
November 2001
Morning Stiffness An Aroused 200 Year Old
October 2nd, 2001
PV Modern Art It's the old "eye of the beholder" saying...
October 2nd, 2001
Movie Man Casa de Harkin's
October 2nd, 2001
Metal Studs Appearances are Deceiving
October 2nd, 2001
Shad Glares Mad Dogs & English Men
October 2nd, 2001
Eco-Terror Painting Signs on the Mountain
August 5th, 2001
Hometel? House or Hotel? You be the Judge
August 5th, 2001
Grand Jury Call Him Blue
August 5th, 2001
Grand Jury The Really Square Foreman
August 5th, 2001
Grand Jury Arizona Bob Marks his Spot
August 5th, 2001
Gasoline May 2001 Gasoline Prices
August 3rd, 2001
Suburban Gem Electric vs. Gasoline Power
August 3rd, 2001
Packard Front A non-Green Bay Packard
August 3rd, 2001
Packard Side The Fins of 1957
August 3rd, 2001
Another Sunset Chem-Trail Streaks between Clouds
August 3rd, 2001
Stop Here ! Bar Coded Elvis ?
August 3rd, 2001
It takes a Village ? Fantasy Village
August 3rd, 2001
Cool Balls Shadrach has no Shame
August 3rd, 2001
Stadium Lighting ? "They're everywhere! They're everywhere!"
August 3rd, 2001
Say What ? English Taught Here ?
August 3rd, 2001
Don't have a Heart Attack ! Paradise P.D. CPR
August 3rd, 2001
"Storm A'Comin' !" Massive Clouds over Garcia's
August 3rd, 2001
White Cadillac Diplomats, Gotta Love 'em !
August 3rd, 2001
Praying Monk A Rocky Brother
May 3rd, 2001
Manse Mansion on the Mountain
Mushroom House Mushroom House on the Mountain
Mushroom House Another View of the Mushroom House
Chem Trails ! Chem Trails Poison Sunset !
250 Year Old Dies The Bigger & Older, the Harder...
No! Captain Kirk! Shatner at the Auto Show
Apr. 8th, 2001
Ouch ! The Scary Couple
Bear People ! Small Bear-like Creatures Pose for MW
Cowboys ! The Real Wild West
Thunderbirds A Legend Proven ?
Squaw Mesa Rare Snowfall Blankets Mesa Mar. 8th, 2001
The Shroud of Camelback Camelback Background Mar. 8th, 2001
Turgid Cactus Sahuaro on Viagra Mar. 8th, 2001
Tatum Towers Shocking Towers in the Desert Mar. 8th, 2001
Hard to Believe Office Space Consumes our Desert ! Mar. 8th, 2001
Tatum 101 The Fastest Way Between Two Valleys Mar. 8th, 2001
White Mayo Past the Mayo Mar. 8th, 2001
Stone Creek Fog on Stone Creek Mar. 4th, 2001
The Centre Jared's Worst Nightmare Mar. 4th, 2001
SUV The 2002 Cactus Cadillac Mar. 4th, 2001
New School Morristown, Arizona's Newest School Mar. 4th, 2001
Two Rooms It Was Good Enough ! Mar. 4th, 2001
Clinton Construction Who'da Thunk It? Mar. 4th, 2001
Belleview MWs Birthplace. 32nd Street & McDowell Feb. 12th, 2001
The Kaiser A Splendid Marque Now Lost Feb. 12th, 2001
Kaiser's Rear Sahuaro's Meet Desoto Feb. 12th, 2001
Desert Two Wheelin' The Kaiser Meets Saguaros Feb. 12th, 2001
Mom Meets Giant Elaine Dwarfed by Prickly Centenarian Feb. 12th, 2001
Before the Red Rocks Sedona, Arizona Feb. 12th, 2001
Albert Cam(us)? Have we given up ? Feb. 9th, 2001
21st Century Aztek's Confined to the Showroom Feb. 9th, 2001
21st Century Aztek GenX Sheriff Joe's Mobile Jail ? Feb. 9th, 2001
The Good Old Days ! The Boulder's, Late 1980s Feb. 9th, 2001
September 2000 C - Heat It's 8:47PM, What's the Temperature? Feb. 9th, 2001
September 2000 F - Heat It's 8:48PM, What's the Temperature? Feb. 9th, 2001
Goth 300AD Teutonic's who settled in the Roman Empire. Feb. 9th, 2001
October Sunset Only in Arizona ! Jan. 17th, 2001
Bull ! Red Bull, but still bull ! Jan. 17th, 2001
In and Out The Urge ! Jan. 17th, 2001
The King ! Could it Be... ?! Jan. 17th, 2001
Hotel Shadegg John Shadegg Jan. 17th, 2001
Cut the Cake John Shadegg Frosted Jan. 17th, 2001
Cooney Uh, Lyn Sue, that is ! Jan. 17th, 2001
Alice Cooper Geeky High School Student Dec. 9th, 2000
Mr.Wonderful Beret's before Monica Lewinski Dec. 9th, 2000
Harley Trash Hell's Angel ! Dec. 9th, 2000
Big Backpack Motocross Camping Trip Dec. 9th, 2000
Paul T. Logan Ramona Wildman ! Dec. 9th, 2000
RIP Rodent Hunting in the City Dec. 9th, 2000
Cactus King A Prickly Monarch July 30th, 2000
Paradise Home Where Color Doesn't Matter July 30th, 2000
Paradise Home Awful Color Compliments Awful Design July 30th, 2000
Backyard Fortress No Air, Water or Electricity July 30th, 2000
Washington's School Days of Discipline, Not Dollars July 30th, 2000
Long Nosed Bus When Taxes Were Low July 30th, 2000
Ambush ! Phoenix, a Dangerous Place July 27th, 2000
"Hi There!" Officer Friendly Beckons July 27th, 2000
Sport Sport, What a Guy July 27th, 2000
English Bulldyke When Animals Attack ! July 27th, 2000
Busted Nowhere to Go July 27th, 2000
Monster Attacks ! Monster Devours Downtown Building ! July 27th, 2000
Haboob ! A Concern of the EPA June 24th, 2000
Black Beacon More Black Helicopters ! June 24th, 2000
The Gummer M.W. & The Gummer at BOB June 24th, 2000
Lovely View of BOB View the Diamond June 24th, 2000
Monsoon ! Monsoon Weather in the Desert June 24th, 2000
Puffy Yes, Puffy ! June 24th, 2000
Church Si, A Spanish Church June 8th, 2000
Cado what? Governor's Problem June 8th, 2000
Dromedary A Hump With Homes June 8th, 2000
Bad Bobby's Heritage Mockingbird Lane Estate June 8th, 2000
That's a What? Money Cures Public Education June 8th, 2000
Buell The Only HD MW Would Straddle May 16th, 2000
Who? A Friend Comes by to Swim May 16th, 2000
Shadrach Barks Even Dogs Know What Looks Good May 16th, 2000
Trash Passed by a Shopping Cart May 16th, 2000
"Hello, APS?" No Fun For Anyone May 16th, 2000
Plume ! Smoking is Bad for You May 12th, 2000
Hydrant ! Hydrant Wrestling 101 May 12th, 2000
Papal Selection Is That the Vatican ? May 12th, 2000
Police ! Nice and Roomy Back Seat May 12th, 2000
Plume ! Good Bye May 12th, 2000
Tom Cruiser? 5 Doors, No Waiting
(More Nesbitt Designs)
May 6th, 2000
Lincoln Luxury 2 Doors/No Airbags = A Safe Car May 6th, 2000
Brindle Tile Really Cool Tile May 6th, 2000
Vegans Unite! Dicing, A Possibility May 6th, 2000
Clear & Tastless Invisible Headache May 6th, 2000
Mask Emi May 6th, 2000
Calm Circle You Just Calm Down Now ! April 30, 2000
An Unusual Sign Ever Seen One of These? April 30, 2000
They Want You - To Live Like This Hillary Clinton & Nader Chose Your Housing April 30, 2000
Don't Be A Fuel Danny's Mexico, Sign of the Times April 30, 2000
World Record Frisby That Frisby Won't Fly April 30, 2000
Jared the Hermit Proof of the Famous Mr.Wonderful April 30, 2000
Purple Rain? Purple Stalker April 28, 2000
A Barrel This Barrel Holds No Water! April 28, 2000
Purple Reign? Purple is the Summer Color April 28, 2000
Big and Yellow Yellow has its Summer Pluses April 28, 2000
Yellow Flour? Mellow Yellow April 28, 2000
Harley Heap Garbage on the Sidewalk April 15, 2000
Bird vs. Bird You had a Bad Day? April 15, 2000
Collecting Feathers Fearless Fowl April 15, 2000
Harley Heap Too Putt, Putt, Goes the Fat Butt April 15, 2000
The Monolith A Sign of Waste April 15, 2000
MW & Mini-Me 1970's Joy Ride March 19, 2000
MW in Desert Ditch Those Were the Days March 19, 2000
Saxon's & Krauts Blacks & Browns & Browns March 19, 2000
Disgusting Bright Shining Light March 19, 2000
Help With Flossing Tug 'o War March 12, 2000
Car Collides With Truck A Lesson in Physics February 12, 2000
Truck Collides With Car A Lesson in Physics Chapter 2 February 12, 2000
Fatal Accident Stop Sign Ignored February 12, 2000
Confusing Speed Limit Sign Ignored February 12, 2000
Extra Terrestrial This is a Hairy and Scary E.T. February 12, 2000
Could It Be Manna? The Sky is Falling! February 3, 2000
Giant Infant Piano Prodigy February 3, 2000
Y2K False Alarm February 3, 2000
The M.W. Bunker Y2K Command Post February 3, 2000
Panic! Y2K Wiped Water Out February 3, 2000
Flood Golf Cart and a Snorkle February 1, 2000
The Muddy Mississippi "Under Par? Hell! Under Water! February 1, 2000
Gurgle A Flash Flood? What's That? February 1, 2000
Vision Test Count Your Fingers! February 1, 2000
The Latest Fetish "Cut me Paulie!" January 21, 2000
Mellow Yellow Parking at the Mall January 21, 2000
Shadrach All English Have Bad Teeth January 21, 2000
Walden Meadow? Modern Day Thoreau January 21, 2000
A Blueprint The Birth Home of M.W. January 21, 2000
U.N. Black Helicopter Antenna ! Artificial Saguaro Cactus January 1, 2000
When Animals Attack
the Other White Meat !
Oink December 4, 1999
Ultra Modern Computer (circa 1980) Digital Equipment PDP1134 December 4, 1999
Flesh Devouring Ducks ! Daffy Ducks December 4, 1999
Born Under High Voltage Lines What is It? December 4, 1999
Mini-Me's Mailbox Shorter Mailbox December 4, 1999
50% Amphibian, 50% Human ! Hard-shelled Child December 4, 1999
Mr.Wonderful's Faithful Assistant Assistant December 4, 1999
Amazing, Corn Growing On Roof ! Rooftop Corn December 4, 1999
Camelback Mountain via MW's Roof Camelback Mountain December 4, 1999
View Planet Earth Planet Earth December 4, 1999
See Arizona Desert Sunset Arizona Sunset December 4, 1999

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