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Likely AIDS 'Victims' May 31, 2001: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS !
I'm posting this link before I've thoroughly researched it. But since Mrs. Wonderful has been researching AIDS before it was given a name, I believe what Dr. Peter Duesberg postulates may indeed be true. And that is 1) The HIV virus has never been isolated from human blood samples 2) That current AIDS tests only test for antibodies produced in response to exposure to the 'HIV virus' and 3) That the manufacturers of AIDS tests themselves admit, within their own so carefully folded instruction sheets, that exposure to other life circumstances (such as pregnancy) may result in instances of a positive AIDS/HIV test.
May 26, 2001: eBay Bidder Assumes and Loses !
Inside of Store-Bought PS2 CartonI've never said it here before, but I believe any of these internet auction sites rely on the complete honesty of all participants. And that just ain't gonna happen in this world. Spencer F. Katt, reveals in the February 5th, 2001 issue of eWeek how one dolt got screwed. He won out over 38 other bidders with his bid of $425, for what was advertised as "PlayStation 2® Original Box and Receipt." Of course, later, after parting with his four and a quarter hundred dollars, he was amazed and disappointed as he unwrapped what UPS delivered: an empty PlayStation 2® Box and Receipt! May 25th, 2001: Sarah-Jessica buys Shoes So We Can Foot the Bill !
Sarah Jessica Parker-Broderick was last mentioned in this column way back in December. During the winter of 2000, the incredibly vivacious Ms. Parker was quoted, by Lloyd Grove as being ". . . very, very concerned about the Bush Presidency." MB shoes retailing at $695 per pair! And worried about benefit cuts George W ". . . might make in domestic programs that mean something to a lot of people, including people in my family." The other day, this time to Oprah, Sarah-Jessica revealed another concern of hers: that she's addicted to Manolo Blahnik shoes. Revealing to the weeping prophet that, "I own well over 100 pairs . . ." Your Mr. Wonderful, being the armchair detective he is, did a quick search on 'Manolo Blahnik' shoes, easily unearthing a web retailer carrying that particular brand of shoe, which averages $619 per pair! $619 per pair, meaning that just a portion of SJP's shoe corral could be worth as much as $60,000! She's has acquired $60,000 worth of shoes (that no red-blooded man would ever notice) but yet she is concerned about cuts George W might make in programs that affect, ". . . people in my family." This exposes how the minds of these multi-millionaire liberals work. Rather than they themselves helping out their own relatives, they would rather have the slobs struggling to even earn $60,000 or less, foot the bill, through their taxes, to keep Sarah Jessica Parker's family members on the government dole. When will we have enough of this happy horseshit? When will these millionaire liberals be outed for the unbelievably selfish citizens they are? May 21st, 2001: BANANA Causes California Blackouts !
Finally, your Mr.Wonderful has located an article which, in only a few simple points, fully explains the dire California electrical power situation. However, as the authors, Taylor and Van Doren elucidate, due to the fact no power plants have been constructed in the Golden Stateclick to visit Owens River Gorge page! ("Build-Absolutely-Nothing-Anywhere-Near-Anyone" syndrome) while demand has continued to increase, and that the price of natural gas generated electricity has increased by over 600%, and that out of state hydro-generated power has dwindled to 60% of expected capacity, with or without 'deregulation', rolling blackouts would still be occurring.
    Here is the situation in California:
  1. California's brilliant legislature forced the electric companies to sell their power generation stations to independent investors. The 'electric companies' now became 'Power Distributors.' (Picture S.R.P. selling all their generating stations to another company not owned by S.R.P. Which results in S.R.P. owning only their electrical transmission lines and facing the necessity of purchasing electricity to fill their lines from an independent 'Electrical Generator'.)
  2. Next the State assumed day to day total control of the electrical power grid. (Now, imagine the mostly witless Arizona Legislature, headed by Big Red of 'Alt-Fuel Crisis', wresting control of Arizona's electrical power grid from the evil power companies.)
  3. The 'Electrical Generators' who now own the power generation stations, must sell their power to the state managed 'Power Pool.' And the 'Power Distributors' (former owners of the power generating stations) must purchase their power from this 'Power Pool' whose prices are set at the highest price any 'Electrical Generator' had received the day before. And, again by state mandate, 'Power Distributors' may solely negotiate prices for merely the next day's purchases. (Understand the position the 'Electrical Generators' are now in! They have a product - electricity - which cannot be stored, and which has more demand then they can possibly supply, and they have only a hand full of customers who must, by state law, purchase this product from them. What would any good CFO demand? He would demand that these few captive customers are charged the absolutely highest price possible! And that is what the 'Electrical Generators' have done.)
  4. However, regardless of what the 'Power Distributors' pay for their electricity, as of January 2001, the must sell their electricity at 6.5 cents per KW. (Can you see why power companies, buying wholesale electricity from the Electrical Generators at up to $1.90 per KW and then selling it at retail for a state mandated 6.5 cents per KW, quickly descended into bankruptcy?)
One would think that 'deregulation' would entail less control by the State of California, but as you can clearly see, 'deregulation' is a 'Goodspeak' word for total government control. May 18th, 2001: A.S.U. Pleads for Scholarship Dollars !
How effing tired am I hearing of the pleas from former Arizona Governor (and inspiration for the Marge Simpson beehive) Rose Mofford, current governor 'Big Red', and some NBA millionaire basketball player whine about the dwindling Arizona State University scholarship fund! Geezus! You'd think that attending A.S.U., and attending it for free, is the end all and do all for education.Former Guv Rose ! The fact is that the A.S.U. student body consistently causes the Tempe university, decade after decade, to rank in the top ten of Playboy's Party Schools in the Nation. Last time I checked 'partying' is not conducive to 'studying' and 'learning.' It's sad enough that Mr.Wonderful's manny (male nanny) when he attended class at A.S.U., faced one tenured professor who wafted smoke over every pupil using an eagle's feather while reverentially whispering Native American prayers! And, what about that millionaire NBA basketball player? Was it academics that made him a millionaire? Hell no! He probably attended ASU for free (on scholarship) and had four years to perfect his b-ball game while having a passing GPA assured by a curriculum consisting of classes in 'The History of the Tennis Shoe', 'Self Esteem for Future Millionaires' and 'Why Blacks can't make it in a Racist America'. Economics dictates that if there is an increase in demand for a product that that product's price will also increase. In this case we have ignorant and sometimes clearly self-interested individuals who are pleading for funding for scholarships which can only further increase the price of education for all of those without scholarships. The reason tuition for higher education is currently so astronomically high, is that the federal government has for years provided billions of dollars (composed of taxes taken from you and me) in scholarship money to anyone who could place his 'X' on the signature line. Scholarship money that for the most part is never paid back. Managers of these higher learning institutions, facing the continuing and growing tidal wave of billions of dollars, washing over their campuses, would be poor managers indeed if they did not continue to increase tuition to meet the demand.