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Band Release Date Posted
Across The Border Short Songs, Long Faces (EP) 05/02/01
AFI The Art Of Drowning (LP) 23/12/00
Armchair Martian Who Wants To Play Bass (LP) 06/04/02
Avail 100 Times (EP) 22/12/00
Bad Astronaut/Armchair Martian Split (EP) 09/12/01
Bigwig Stay Asleep (LP) 24/12/00
Cable Sublingual (LP) 27/12/00
Chixdiggit! Born On The First Of July (LP) 15/07/01
Dayglo Abortions Death Race 2000 (LP) 05/02/01
De La Hoya Has No Credibility (EP) 21/02/01
Explosivo! The uh-oh EP (EP) 01/03/01
Flogging Molly Drunken Lullabies (LP) 06/04/02
FYP My Man Grumpy (LP) 24/12/00
The GC5 Kisses From Hannoi (LP) 07/03/01
Hot Water Music Alachua 7" (EP) 24/12/00
In My Eyes The Difference Between (LP) 22/12/00
The International Noise Conspiracy Survival Sickness (LP) 22/06/01
Lagwagon Lets Talk About Feelings (LP) 23/12/00
Less Than Jake Slayer 7" (EP) 22/12/00
Lifetime Jerseys Best Dancers (LP) 23/12/00
Mezzanine~C14 Mezzanine~C14 (LP) 06/02/01
Nakatomi Plaza By Chester Copperpot (LP) 29/05/01
NOFX Pods And Gods 7" (EP) 24/12/00
On The Might Of Princes The Making Of A Conversation (LP) 06/02/01
Osker Revelation 5 (LP) 22/12/00
Radiohead Amnesiac (LP) 06/06/01
Rancid Rancid 2000 (LP) 22/07/01
Slayer Undisputed Attitude (LP) 23/12/00
Soul Coughing El Oso (LP) 11/07/01
Soup Toxic The American Style (LP) 01/03/01
Unsung Zeros Unsung Zeros (LP) 22/12/00
Weakerthans Fallow (LP) 01/03/00
VA Give 'Em The Boot (LP) 15/07/01
VA The Hope Machine (LP) 01/03/00
VA Mission Creep #2 (LP) 01/02/00