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Band: Explosivo!
Album: The uh-oh EP
Label: Rok Lok Records
Year: 2000

Two thoughts in my head that both serve as openers for this review - first, does Rok Lok have a monopoly on good NY bands at the moment or what? First De La Hoya, now this? Secondly, did these guys change singers after they recorded the first song or what? Ah, now I get it, two singers. Usually pretty cool, however, this time it's not so good. Not the writing, just that there's one kinda emo guy and one gravely guy. The emo guy backs up the gravel guy really well, and it really works that way, but when the emo guy takes the lead, like on opener 'Fuck you, Ninja', its kinda off. I was turned off by it big time, to the point where my first listen stopped as soon as he started - nothing against him, he has a great voice, but i really hate emo singing, and the gravel guy really has something. He kinda reminds me of the guy from Drexel. The music on here kinda reminds me of New Found Glory, and of a slower De La Hoya. Kinda tech, kinda metally, but totally excellent. The drummer really stands out; he really rocks and reads stuff really well. The real stand out element of this CD though is the lyrics - "I read you like a comic, just looking at the pictures and missing all the words." ('Winter in the Suburbs'), "Found a nice hard patch of floor for the night. Settle down with a bottle and a bible and proceed to party' ('Scared Little snot', which is probably the best song on here). Check these guys' MP3s out; it's well worth it. However, I'd wait for the next release before parting with greens.

Lasting Impression: Wait for their next one methinks..
Track to check: Scared Little Snot
Web: Official Site