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Band: NOFX
Album: Pods And Gods
Label: Epitaph
Year: 2000

What the fuck happened to NOFX. They used to be just a classy punk pop band. Now they're way better than that. This EP is a perfect example of what I call new NOFX. Really classic sounding songs, based (I think) primarily on the vocals, with the music behind that. The harmonys are spot on too, and the whole thing is like a punk Beatles. I really thing their new album 'Pump Up The Valium' is gonna change punk for a while. This ep is a bit of a taster, and a bit of a red herring. First track 'Pods And Gods' is like an Echo And The Bunneymen song or something. Its kinda eighties, but not eighties punk, more eighties pop or something. Keyboards and everything, but still really punk. The lyrics are cool too, on about aliens and god and stuff, with a few standout lines - "It's not i don't believe in Aliens, its just i really don't care".'Whats the matter with Parents', taken from 'Pump Up The Valium', is pure class, a good representation of the album. The Beatles influence is very obvious in both the instruments and vocals. The harmonys are sublime, and it really shows that Mike's songwriting is maturing very, very well and finally getting to where he was aiming with 'Heavy Petting Zoo'. Now if he'd just get rid of that stupid green hair, the world would be a better place.

Lasting Impression: Come on, its NOFX, what do you expect.
Track to check: 'Pods And Gods'
Web: Official Site