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Band: Bigwig
Album: Stay Asleep
Label: Kung Fu
Year: 1999

Now in the "Is punk gone Metal" debate, there should be a special place for Bigwig. These guys are really something, and what makes them so special is their willingness to go from happy and almost poppy ('Friends') to angry as hell and almost metal ('Numbers'). Theres just so many good songs here its not even funny. I honestly don't think theres one single weak song on here. Starting with the poppy 'Still' to the meloncholic 'Smile' to the aforementioned 'Numbers' to the infectious energy of 'Sellout', its just heaven. The guitars interplay excellently, the vocals are real, as in you really believe them because they're not perfect, but they don't care, its like fun first. Infectious stuff, like Propagandhi if they were a little less uptight. It was a bummer to hear their guitarist and bassist had left, deciding touring wasn't their thing (a theme which is explored in this album, ALOT), but as the singer seeemingly writes it all, I'm gonna rush out and pay my money for their next album, no doubt in my mind that it will be classic.

Lasting Impression: Now this is my thing. Punk + Hardcore = Damn good.
Track to check: 'Friends'
Web: The Official Unofficial Bigwig Website