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Band: Lagwagon
Album: Lets Talk About Feelings
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Year: 1998

This is without doubt my favourite album of all time. I'm really daunted by the prospect of reviewing it because i'm afraid i can't do it justice. But i spose i can say that its the album they were destined to make, not in a starry way, but in a practical way. With 'Double Pladinum' there was a marked effort to move away from RKL style guitarry bits. This then was the logical extension of this, where all the songs are more based around one guitar and a vocal, with everything else added after. Lots of minor chords before everyone else started doing it, "I think it's more like you start to write on the acoustic, and you tend to appreciate various styles of music and dynamics. And therefore you write less flashy and more with universal songwriting in mind". I can't shake the feeling that his time in Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies showed Joey what a song really should be, and this album is the end product. Plus his usual relationship themed lyrics went to a new level on this album, "fools in love are arrogant, their sermons cloud his breathing air". I guess if you wanna grow out of punk pop, but still listen to it, heres your album.

Lasting Impression: This is the sound of pop punk growing up.
Track to check: 'Change Despair'
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