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Band: FYP
Album: My Man Grumpy
Label: Recess
Year: 1999

I like FYP. I first heard this album in July, and going back to it again to review it, I kinda wonder why I havent listened to it more. I guess cos it errs a bit too much on the pop side for me, but its still cool to listen to. Songs like 'Undumb' and 'I don't wanna carry your' are really poppy, but really catchy. 'Rabid' is like a dark Screeching Weasel, and 'Slitwrists' is a really cool song, almost a ballad. The vocals are high on snottyness, but really catchy, as are the guitars. You really get the feeling that there is something great happening here. The only fault I can find is the production, which sometimes is a bit too scratchy. However, on tracks like 'I dunno whats happening to me', the production seems spot on. Probably the coolest thing about this album (aside of the cute dumb boy lyrics - "Last time i checked up i wasn't this messed up") is that the songs are short and to the point, in 29 minutes, not one of the 18 songs is too short or too long. I think this is the closest I will ever get to listening to true punk pop, and it's so damn catchy that I think FYP will represent catchiness in punk pop to me in future.

Lasting Impression: Snotty, tuneful and rather fun.
Track to check: 'Slitwrists'
Web: Official Site