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Band: Unsung Zeros
Album: Unsung Zeros
Year: 1998
Label: Self Released

Ah, emo. One thing in music never changes - there'll always be emo bands and 90% of them will sound the same. Bad (weak) singer, girl lyrics ("When i drop by your house, it makes me wanna cry") and songs that teeter on the brink of being any good... Now don't get me wrong, The Ataris, Lifetime and Saves The Day are some of my favourite bands, but the punk/pop/emo hybrid we have here, its just a bit lame. I liked some of the New Found Glory stuff, but they had tunes, all this seems is like they wrote some songs so they could record, y'know, its kinda devoid of any heart. Ah well, if you like this type of emo you may dig this, but i personally give it a big thumbs down. Maybe their subsequent stuff may be good...

Rating: 5
Song: Smile
Lasting Impression: Not my cup of tea, but if you like New Found Glory, you might go for it.