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Band: Soup Toxic
Album: The American Style
Label: Walked In Line Records
Year: 2000

For some reason I have a soft spot for this CD. The lyrics on this CD remind me of the cute-boy lyrics of Hi Standard, the type only non-native English speakers can write. Take 'I'm cute man' - "Sometimes i have a dream, my dream is come, and i am young again". These lyrics warm to me because they are so simple and naive that they really melt your heart. Unfortunately, the music on this CD does not match these lyrics, with the exception of the aforementioned track. Soup toxic are a bit dark, and seem a bit determined to sound experienced. However, if they learn to let go in their music as in their lyrics, as they do with 'I am a cute man' (which boasts one of the best brass section middle eights i have heard in a long time), they will definitely be worth keeping an eye on.

Lasting Impression: Good, but not quite good enough.
Track to check: I'm a cute man.
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