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Band: VA
Album: The Hope Machine
Label: Rok Lok Records
Year: 2000

I couldn't possibly review this CD without first mentioning the amazing bit of poetry in the inlay card.

Where the real world does not exist * I tap into their love and passion * and it inspires me to be passionate and love * these bands become my stars * for moments in which a song captures your heart, * everything comes together & makes sense * assures us that no one is alone * that we all feel similar emotions * fuel in our hope machines

Rok Lok have in the past delivered us Explosivo and De La Hoya, who are my favourite band at the minute, and this compilation continues that trend. Openers Knox Overstreet would doubtless be excellent live, and 3MyLife have a singer with serious Jonathan Richmond aspirations, he just needs to find the right band. Elsewhere, With Every Idle Hour both rock out and stand out, reminiscent of Explosivo and Helmet, only a little more emo, kinda like the Secludes, but more metal. Similarly, Music rock like bastards, however, this song 'Not In The Fire' kinda fails to go anywhere. I could go on mentioning every band on here, but i'll save you the strain on the eyes. Get this CD. Simple as that.

Lasting Impression: Excellent, get it now!!
Band to check: With Every Idle Hour.