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Band: Hot Water Music
Album: Alachua 7"
Label: No Idea
Year: 1998

I like this. Its kind of Fugazi, only a little more emo, like a non hardcore Avail. In fact the first singer on 'Alachua' really reminds me of Tim Barry from Avail. Strong chorus, and obviously very competent musicians, they all have something going on. The only fault i could find is theres too much space (not that i'm looking, it just bugs me). Maybe its my short attention span, but i guess they need to tighten up a bit on the old structures. The production is very cool though, nice drum sounds, clear bass, and buzzing guitars, it all falls together very well. Second song 'Never Ender' is a bit more hardcore. Dual vocals are particularly effective here, especially when they come into the second verse together. Doesn't do much for me however. I guess these guys are doing something right though, cos from opener 'Alachua' they're obviously brimming with potential, they just fail to carry it through on 'Never Enough'. I'll be checking out their future MP3s, buy for now, my money stays in my pocket.

Lasting Impression: No shit they have beards. Just what i expected, but i won't be rushing out to buy their LPs.
Track to check: 'Alachua'
Web: Official site