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Band: Osker
Album: Revelation 5
Label: Epitaph
Year: 2000

Punk Pop, VERY big green day influence, the vocals are total Green Day and the guitar sound is there too... 'Useless' goes really good for about two seconds, and then goes back to the same old same old. 'Ballad Of A Traitor' is a really good song. Didn't like 'Alright' the Epitaph comp because of THAT voice, but its actually growing on me now. All the lyrics are a bit sameish, but good - "if i knew that this is what friends were for, i'd never made any". A little variation in both the music and lyrics wouldn't go amiss, but overall i'd reccomend this to anyone who likes a bit of punk attitude and doesn't want At The Drive In.

Mark: 7/10
Song: Ballad Of A Traitor
Lasting Impression: If you think modern Green Day is too slow, check this out.