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Band: Slayer
Album: Undisputed Attitude
Label: American Recordings
Year: 1996

If you've already read my 'Is Punk Gone Metal' article you'll know know how i feel about this album, but it doesn't hurt to spell it out in more detail. Slayer are a metal band. This we know. Slayer are old school punk/hardcore fans. This we didn't. This album is their homage to the early eighties and all the wonders contained within. For our money, we get some Stooges ('I wanna be your dog'), some GBH ('Sick Boy') a whole load of Minor Threat ('Guilty Of Being White', 'Filler', and loads more) and a bunch more, plus one new Slayer track and two old Jeff Hanneman tracks. The covers are, begrudgingly, dead on, realy playing on the strengths of the songs. Even if you don't like Slayer, this album will interest you in their own stuff (don't bother unless you like thrash metal). Anyways, big ups to Slayer, who knew they had it in them and all that. And you out there, check this out, and see these hairy metallers breath new life into twenty year old punk music.

Lasting Impression: 15 songs, all belters. Check it out..
Track to check: 'Filler/I Don't Wanna Hear It'
Web: Official Site