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Band: Lifetime
Album: Jerseys Best Dancers
Label: The Jade Tree
Year: 1997

I first heard of Lifetime while reading a review of Saves The Day, whos 'Through Being Cool' was my big album at the time. Well, this reviewer trashed the album, saying it was just a watered down Lifetime. So i tracked down some lifetime, and as fate would have it, i came to this first, and instantly fell in love. This is hardcore with thought. It never gets wimpy, the singer always sounds hardcore, but throws in enough melody to distinguish it from the rest. Many people think of their album 'Hello Bastards' when you mention Lifetime, but i much preferr this. Its also worth noting that when they came to writing and recording this album they had broken up, which, to my mind, makes it even more of an achievement. But songs like opener 'Turnpike Gates' and 'Hey Catrine' ("Hey Catrine i know it's true when i'm sitting in my room but sometimes knowing is not enough when time is what we've lost.") really bridge the gap between good emo and good Hardcore. Its like the album sick of it all make when the wives leave.

Lasting Impression: Where Saves The Day really came from, check it out bigtime.
Track to check: 'Hey Catrine'
Web: Fan Site