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Band: VA
Album: Mission Creep # 2 (comp)
Year: 2001
Label: Pin records

16 bands, 28 songs. Man, compilations do my head in! This CD ranges from hardcore of the Minor Threat persuasion (Red Angel Dragnet) to punked up Joy Division (Zentraedi - complete with synths! When will the world learn!). Not much here to write home about, with the glorious exception of C43, who have two truly excellent songs here - Rumor Mill and Stemoff - that keep me coming back to the CD. Kinda Lifetime, very Leatherface, and totally brilliant. As for the rest - the aforementioned Zentraedi are quite good, despite the synths. Looks Like Rain's 'Never Say Die' has an extremely catchy chorus. Mad Cow Disease 182, despite a name that suggests otherwise, have something with their bouncy shout-core antics, and the Shakedowns do a fine line of kinda retro rock, like the hives only more snotty and Vegasy.
   Overall, a slightly average CD, but worth it for C43.

Rating: 5
Song: C43 - Rumor Mill
Website: ??
Lasting Impression: Steal it, and enjoy C43.